The Craziest iPhone 4 Peripheral Of 2011

Or maybe ever. Somebody decided to make a Wii Wheel type add-on just for the iPhone 4, so that players can look like utter goofballs while playing iPhone racing games.

The wheel even has external speakers. There's a jack that connections to the iPhone, and the speakers are powered by a Nokia battery that is sold separately, but that can be charged via USB.

The wheel is priced at ¥1599 ($19). The added embarrassment is totally free.

iPhone4専用 スピーカー付き ハンドル形コントローラー Donyaダイレクト DN-SPACC-SWGC 上海道場【初段】 [★]|パソコン周辺機器・ブランド商品の【上海問屋】通販サイト [Donya via IT Media]


    Do these guys realise that no-one enjoys playing driving games on smartphones? Tilt controls simply don't work because every time you tilt to steer, it completely ruins the perspective and fucks your sense of orientation.

    It's like combining the absolute worst aspect of Mario Kart Wii (the controls) except now every time you steer, your TV has to spin around wildly.

      So true most driving games and most arcade games using virtual sticks are rubish because there simply is no tatile feedback to feel which direction you are pressing.

      And i thought the PS3 trigger buttons were bad because you slip off them, a flat glass screen is THE worst possible design.

      As a developer I am more interested in making traditional arccade games on PSP NGP.

    What is up with those silver things?

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