The Deadly, Sexy Guns Of The Mass Effect Universe

You might think Mass Effect is all about the chit-chat, but it's not. The talking and running and sexy times are just filler between lots and lots of shooting. Really, then, it's all about the guns. So let's take a look at them.

These weapons were all designed by Brian Sum, a concept artist currently employed at BioWare who's worked on games like Dragon Age, Sonic Chronicles and Shadowrun.

These show some of the guns from Mass Effect 2 in all their glory. What's so great isn't how they look so, well, great, but how the entire team at BioWare manages to keep a uniform visual identity for the series. If you saw any of these weapons in isolation, you'd straight away recognise the mix of gentle curves and blocky sections and say "yup, that gun's from Mass Effect".


    Does anyone else think the weapons from most sci-fi looks a bit Nerf? I mean, compare any of those to an actual real world weapon (lets say an AK47) and I know which I would rather have in a gun fight...

      I know I'd take the railgun that has kilometres long range, pierces any and all non-energy shielding or armour like it's paper, and never runs out of ammo...

      Re: Nerf, I'd complain that Nerf are making scifi look silly rather than the reverse, too :P

      Yeah but these can be folded away and put next to your mobile phone.

    Cool, but why are all the images of DLC guns?

    some modern guns look nerf as well. take a look at most of the composite guns out. and an AK is a realy old design 1947.

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