The Entire Bit.Trip Saga Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS

The Entire Bit.Trip Saga Is Coming To Nintendo 3DS

The adventures of Commander Video are served six ways in the new Bit.Trip Saga, the Nintendo 3DS compilation that will included every Bit.Trip game released by developer Gaijin Games. Not only do you get Bit. Trip Beat, you get Core, Void, Runner, Fate and Flux.

That’s more than two years worth of Bit.Trip releases on one cartridge. And that’s not all. If you act… whenever Bit.Trip Saga comes out, you’ll get all six games in stereoscopic 3D! So many dimensions!

Publisher Aksys Games didn’t put a price or date on the Bit.Trip Saga, but with a half-dozen games, gobs of levels, sweet chiptuney music and “crushing difficulty” it should be worth the cost/wait.


  • Great news – I’ve been tossing up whether to buy some of these on either WiiWare or Steam for a while now. But now I think this would be the perfect way to play them. So I’ll be getting it for sure!

  • See, I knew waiting to buy these was worth it… Yeah, totally why I haven’t got them yet… In all seriousness, this is rad.

  • This is awesome! I’ve always been thinking about getting them on Wii, but I’ve never actually done it. This’ll be a great, and less expensive, way to get them all! At least, I think less expensive. Aren’t they all $10 each on WiiWare?

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