The First 3DS Game With An Erotic Game Pedigree?

The First 3DS Game With An Erotic Game Pedigree?

Senran Kagura -Shojotachi no Shinei- is an upcoming 3DS action game that features “costume damage” and saucy scenes in 3D.

According to Japanese magazine leaks (pictured), it even has boobs bursting out in an unseen fashion. All that sounds like, well, what’s bound to happen on the 3DS. The game, however, does have a plot written by the guy who penned Okamiden.

But that’s not the eroge pedigree part. The game’s characters are being designed by Nan Yaegashi, who was an illustrator at Circus, an adult game company. He freelances, illustrating games like Natsuiro Sajitariusu (top image).

Just because Yaegashi illustrates erotic games, that isn’t such a big deal. Lots of popular illustrators also do eroge work – Noizi Ito, who designed famed schoolgirl character Harushi Suzumiya, for example.


However, coupled with Yaegashi’s past experience and the general adult slant of this upcoming 3DS game, it’s pretty safe to say this might be the closest players will get to an adult title hitting the 3DS when it’s released this summer in Japan.

Of course, it won’t be anywhere nearly as explicit as the types of adult games on the PC, but it will probably be heavy on the innuendo and the enormous 3D breasts.



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