The First Two Madden NFL 12 Videos Hype The Little Details

The First Two Madden NFL 12 Videos Hype The Little Details

Two videos give the first look at Madden NFL 12‘s gameplay, calling attention to gameplay (above) and presentation details added for this year’s game. They don’t cover everything. There are three deeper discussions of the game’s defensive and collision upgrades and fully customisable playbooks.

The presentation video shows progressive lighting, new broadcast overlays, jazzier pregame cinematics with authentic mascots, introductions, cheerleaders, and Ray Lewis shrieking like a Tusken Raider. The gameplay video touts improved defensive AI, more authentic collisions and player momentum, and greater receiver sideline awareness for tiptoe catches.

A complete discussion of the gameplay can be found here. There are also breakouts on defender awareness and collisions. The focus with collisions is to take the suction-blocking and warping out entirely, something designers hope will lead to more authentic and functional defensive line play. I was also intrigued to see that a new tackle button will implemented.

For those interested in custom playbooks – a long-requested feature – a blurb says you’ll be able to modify existing playbooks or create your own from scratch, drawing from 400 offensive or defensive plays from 75 different playbooks. It’ll be integrated “with the improved GameFlow system,” so there’s situational game planning for you to do, too.

Before you run to the comments to demand to know why there aren’t any Franchise or Superstar improvements, settle down. Upgrades to both modes will be revealed May 16. You can see the rest of the schedule here.

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