The Gossip Lead Singer Beth Ditto Is A Fruit Ninja Enthusiast

The last page of Marie Claire's May issue features Beth Ditto talking about what's inside her handbag. The contents are refreshingly down-to-earth: "101" straggler earrings; a maxi pad; a Burger King receipt; a screwdriver. But Ditto also has an iPhone. On which she plays Fruit Ninja.

She says:

"if you want to eat healthier snacks — I swear to God — get the Fruit Ninja app. It's this weird game where you drag your finger across the screen to slice fruit. Suddenly, you'll be like, 'Oh my God, I could really go for an apple right now.' It's the most refreshing app of all time."

Yes! We love Beth Ditto, and we love Fruit Ninja. But has she learned the 10 Zen Teachings the game has to offer? Because those are important.

Here's the full page from the mag, click to enlarge.

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    Oh Kotaku.

    A B-list celebrity plays (of all games), Angry Birds. And this justified an article?

    Hey guys! Look! A cool person plays games! You don't believe me? Look! A FEMALE cool celebrity plays games. I play games!

      Beth Ditto isn't even cool.

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