The Great Big ‘Wii 2’ Rumor Round-Up

The Great Big ‘Wii 2’ Rumor Round-Up

Nintendo’s successor to the wildly successful Wii looks like it’s going to be officially revealed at E3 2011—if not sooner—based on numerous reports that the company’s next generation console is real, really powerful and already in the hands of video game developers.

A flurry of details, none of them officially confirmed by Nintendo, have been leaking left and right after Game Informer first published its story on what its calling the “Nintendo HD.” We’re rounding up all the rumoured details on Nintendo’s next-gen console right here, from its crazy controller to its purported hardware specs to its 2012 launch window.

Here’s what we’ve heard—and what everybody else seems to have heard—about Nintendo’s next system.

Game Informer kicks the rumour mill into gear with its initial report, claiming the “Nintendo HD” will be unveiled at E3 in June. The system “is capable of running games at HD resolutions,” Game Informer writes, and will see a “late 2012 launch.” It reportedly won’t bear the Wii name.

Kotaku follows up, writing that “we’ve heard that [Nintendo’s]machine will be more powerful than current-gen systems” like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

IGN adds its own report, saying that Nintendo’s Wii successor is “significantly more powerful” than Sony and Microsoft’s current consoles. IGN news director Jim Reilly adds “that the console will be backwards compatible with current Wii software” and that an official “pre-announcement” is due sometime in April.

CVG weighs in with its own unconfirmed reports, this time about the system’s controller. They say the Wii 2 will “feature a built-in HD screen” and back up earlier reports about the system’s horsepower and Nintendo’s launch plans.

French site 01net chimes in, saying the Wii 2 is codenamed “Project Cafe” and that its controller will include a touch sensitive screen measuring 6 inches, a front-facing camera and can double as a Wii Remote sensor bar.

01net touches on hardware specifications, claiming a multi-core IBM PowerPC CPU, an ATI R700 series GPU—the Xbox 360’s GPU was R500 series based—and “at least” 512MB of RAM.

IGN later adds that “Players will actually be able to stream game content to the controller screen from the console. It’s unclear at this time what type of content it will be, whether it’s full games you can take with you on the go, mini-games or applications.” IGN later posts a mock-up of the system’s controller.

Today, Edge weighs in, saying it has its own details on Nintendo’s Wii success. “Ubisoft, Activision and Electronic Arts have had development units of the new hardware for months,” Edge says. The system features motion control, Edge adds, “with capabilities that are ‘better than [PlayStation]Move.'”

Nintendo, for its part, has offered no confirmation and no denial. It “does not comment on rumour or speculation.”

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  • A 6 inch screen embedded into a controller with all the buttons of a Gamecube, this thing will be huge!

    I can remember talk of a built in touchscreen for the Wii controller before it was revealed, so I will treat these rumours the same way.

  • Yes! Thanks Nintendo for starting the new Next-Gen race. I’m actually pretty interested in what they have up their sleeve. Sort of sounds like the console will have “Nintendo iPad” type device that docks with the console. Suppose we’ll have to see. Hopefully we hear about the “Xbox 720” and “PS4” as well! And of course, the Dreamcast 2…

    • Whether or not they really start the next gen race is, I think, dependent on the level of hardware that the new Nintendo console will have.

      If it’s anything decent and greatly surpasses the PS3/360, then the MS/Sony may have to start thinking about releasing their new consoles sooner, or lose the gamers that rejected the Wii due to its hardware and game catalogue.

      If it’s just the improvement ain’t that big, then MS/Sony may just figure “Well, if the Nin HD is as shit or only a tinsy bit better than the 360/PS3, people are still gonna stick with us”

      And really, we can’t confirm if and how much better the Nintendo HD (hate using speculative names) is compared to the current gen to determine whether it has the chance to spark anything, I would think.

  • Anyone else excited of the prospect that the big N is finally putting themselves back into the console race?
    The fact that Nintendo has obviously been putting all of their resources into this thing for a while now makes me think that a lot of the above rumours are possible – not to mention they will definitely be going for something original to differentiate themselves from the other 2.

  • With these rumoured controllers…. would it would be possible to play LAN type FPS with a different display for each player and the console acting as a server?

  • Look what chairmansteve of PVC Museum was touting for the next Xbox back in January 2011
    Let’s move on to the razzle-dazzle, the home cloud. Imagine having one console but playing on multiple screens. That’s the home cloud. Each additional screen will need either a PC or a microconsole to download the audio/video stream and upload the user input. Microsoft may partner with TV manufacturers to integrate the microconsole and Kinect into TVs. The main console, the one crunching the numbers and rendering the frames, can be in another room.

  • Sounds pretty cool from what i am hearing. But i want to know if its gonna happen or not…I love my Wii, but i want something more powerful, so give me the freaking new console!! But anyways, sounds cool… 😀

  • Also, how many of you people really think this is going to happen. I mean, the 3DS, DSi,DsiXL. Where are they getting the freaking money. I dont want to be paying taxes for a videogame we dont even know will come out. But you know it does sound pretty awesome from what im hearing!!

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