The Latest WikiLeaks Game Isn’t Just Scandalous, It’s Fun

The Latest WikiLeaks Game Isn’t Just Scandalous, It’s Fun

TrickyLeaks is more than just another attempt to jump on the fading infamy of WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange’s troubled rise to fame. It’s also a fairly fun game.

Each round of the Android game kicks off with a literal leak forming in the concrete wall of different corporates. “Oh no, our secrests are leaking out.” The game declares as a grey suited man dashes from the building off screen. And then a flood of green and black bugs begin to jet out of the cracked side of the building.

Your goal is to lay down pipes to funnel these living leaks back into the building. Once you’ve moved enough back into the building to recolor the logo on the end of the offices you win the level. But if the leaks crawl and wiggle their way across the screen leaks begin to pop up on the screen.

Leaked Sawwit’s hosting company, Scamazon, runs its servers on a complicated system of wires and unwashed soup cans.

Leaked Proceeds from Sawwit Gold accounts are fueling human trafficking in Malaysia.

Leaked Sawwit has been working with the CIA to confirm the true identity of Pedobear.

If enough leaks pop up on the screen the company goes under and you lose the game. If you manage to funnel enough of the leaks back across the screen from right to left and into the building, you patch up the problem and move on to the next corporate leak.

The gameplay has you laying down a series of pipes in the 10×6 grid of squares. The pipes come in a variety of shapes. Each has an arrow on it showing you which way they move leaks. In later levels the pipes are colour-coded to different coloured leaks.

While the graphics are a bit sub-par, the gameplay is oddly addicting. The game plays a bit like a combination of classic card game Water Works and classic video game Tetris with the veneer of corporate scandal and WikiLeaks edginess added to the mix.

It would have been nice if the leaks were real leaks and the companies and entities you’re trying to save the real ones outed in the true WikiLeaks documents. But I suppose that may have hit a bit too close to home for the Android Market.

At only 99 cents, Happy Monster Games’ TrickyLeaks is worth checking out. You can also try the game for free on the developer’s website.

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