The Many Faces Of Max Payne 3's Hard-Boiled Hero

In a series of screens you might have seen in the latest issue of Edge Magazine, Max Payne shows himself to be a man of many faces, outfits and hairstyles.

As the Edge Magazine story explains, the narrative of Max Payne 3 takes us to various points in our gritty detective hero's life, from his younger, full head of hair days to eight years following the events of the second game, with Max rocking a Hawaiian shirt as a member of a private security force in São Paulo.

Playing with time gives Rockstar the ability to deliver the Max Payne we know and love alongside his older, wiser, and balder counterpart. Me? I'm perfectly fine with pudgy bald Payne. Gives me a video game character I can easily cosplay.


    Die Hard : Payne with a Vengence


    stockier would probably be more fitting description of older payne

    This game reminds me of Bruce Willis.
    Like when we first saw him in die Hard 1 with a full head of hair and then his bald self in Die Hard 4.

    Baldality! Max Payne Wins.

    Please, R* - put together a MP1/2 HD collection! It'd be great for getting us all back in the mood, and it wouldn't need much work except a slight control overhaul for the consoles!

    Bah, falling upon deaf ears...

    I know many get jaded when it comes to 'shoehorning' multiplayer into a singleplayer game, but I'm really hoping for it.

    I think this game could give you more "remember when" moments than any other.

    I'm still more interested in Sam Lake/Remedy's version of Max Payne 3. Even if it never happens :-P

    I am more excited about this than any game coming out this year. Do we have a definite release window yet?

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