The Most Heroic Restaurant In Japan

The Most Heroic Restaurant In Japan

Kamen Rider is an ass-kickin’ Japanese hero. Adults and kids alike enjoy the long-running character’s latest incarnation Kamen Rider 000.

The TV show is smart and well-written. No wonder Kamen Rider goods drew longer lines than Kinect in Japan. Kamen Rider is so fucking cool&mndash;not only that, delicious too!

This week, “Kamen Rider The Diner” opened in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro. The restaurant is decorated as the Shocker‘s secret base (the Shocker is the evil organisation Kamen Rider fights). That’s right, you can dine in the Shocker lair.


(Tokyo Walker) There are over 40 different themed dishes on the menu and over 30 different drinks. The restaurant’s food, while not crazily overpriced, is still expensive.

In the restaurant, there are also Kamen Rider figures, a large statue and even one of his bikes! Staff don Kamen Rider hats and belts.

What’s more, those who patron the restaurant get a Kamen Rider original coaster.

Kamen Rider The Dinner is part of the 40th anniversary Kamen Rider celebration—a celebration that even includes a Kamen Rider girl group—and is a collaboration with Ikebukuro food and entertainment space, Pasela.


(Tokyo Walker) Loved by kids and grown men alike, Kamen Rider is a tokusatsu series that debuted in Japan during the early 1970s, which would make the character…about forty years old!

Besides television shows, Kamen Rider has spun off to feature films, video games and countless toys and figures.

More info on the restaurant, including the address and phone number, are on Tokyo Walker‘s site.

Visit the the restaurant’s official site.

(TV Asahi)


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