The PC Strategy Series That Just Did A U-Turn

For years now, Ubisoft has carved out a small but dedicated market for its Anno series, strategy games based on European colonisation in the 15th-18th centuries. It's now leaving all that behind.

Inexplicably, the next game in the series, of which previous titles have been called Anno 1404 and Anno 1701, will be called Anno 2070.

It's not a typo, nor an April Fool's joke. It's a serious move away from European and colonial history - surely one of the key appeals of the series - and towards sci-fi city management.

Deviation from the old games aside, the premise is actually kind of neat: with sea levels on the rise, you have to find new ways to plant crops and build housing atop a changing landscape.

It'll be out later this (northern) winter for the PC.


    Sweet! There haven't been nearly enough alternate settings for economics-based strategy games! (At this stage I still haven't encountered anything that engages me as much as Settlers IV did, beyond a little tinkering with Majesty and Alien Nations) if only they dropped the silly DRM schemes and I might feel inclined to buy another Ubisoft game since the last couple I got were PoP'08 and Anno for the Wii!

    ... I dunno, for historical strategy fans the appeal lies in the history and the strategy; making it sci-fi would cut off a huge segment of their fanbase.

    That being said, I've never played these games, mostly because EB sold them for $80.

    Ugh, am I the only one the Facebook login on Giz and Kotaku doesn't work for half the time??

    Anyway, I ADORE the Anno series, should have seen how excited I got when I saw in my feeds they had a new one in the works just now. But then when I saw the trailer and read it's in the future, it just lost it's appeal some how.

    That's not to say it can't be a good or great game on it's own merits, but as part of the Anno series, the beautiful, FUN, part of the game was just calmly making colonies on little islands.

    I reckon I'll still check it out though, because if they make an interesting tech tree it should still be fun.

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