The PlayStation Portion Of E3 Starts... Here?

We've been asked by the people behind PlayStation to save the date. June 6, 5pm Pacific. Los Angeles. That's when they're big E3 press conference will happen. That's when we'll probably find out about the biggest and best gaming plans for the PS3 and NGP, at least for the next year.

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all hold long press conferences before E3. The show itself runs from Tuesday through Thursday this year. Nintendo and Microsoft will surely run their conferences some time before mid-Tuesday.

What will Sony show? Draw no conclusions from the starry field here, but wonder all you want... what PS3 and NGP news will be made at Sony's E3 kick-off?


    What would satisfy me or get me excited:

    Metal Gear Solid 5 and whatever else Kojima is working on.[IMPORTANT]

    What the God of War team is working on. I suspect they're the ones working on that new gothic-futuristic action game.


    Uncharted 3 on-stage demo

    Last Guardian on-stage demo[IMPORTANT]

    What those new exclusives are Sony got up their sleeves.[IMPORTANT]

    Games and launch date for NGP, and price too.

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