The Rabbids Are Not Invited To The Royal Wedding

I know, slow news day, right? Seems like the entire world is waiting for two posh brats to walk down the aisle, and now video games are getting in the act. This Royal Wedding parody features the Rabbids - but you know what's more alarming? The fact that this year heralds the 5th anniversary of Raving Rabbids. Golf ham I feel old...


    So when are they actually going to make a good rayman game... aside from the 2-d side scrolling one, coming out god knows when.

    It's been FIVE YEARS?!? Jee whizz, I feel old too now.

    "...speak now or forever hold your peace."


    "Right! Wedding's off!"

    5 Years of that crap game series ??!!
    Whale Oil Beef Hooked.

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