The Rainbow-Coloured Will Accessory The World Never Got

The Rainbow-Coloured Will Accessory The World Never Got

We got the DS Lite, a slimmed down version of the Nintendo DS, but we haven’t got the Wii Light, a LED light for the Wii. Yet.

A recently released Nintendo patent from 2009 reveals that Nintendo was pondering a LED add-on that would enable players to shoot rays of light from the top of their television.

The Wii Light consists of red, blue and green LEDs that can produce 256 different colours. Lens in Wii Light blend colour so that each light appears as a single, separate beam.

The Wii Light is capable of blinking and changing colours that correspond to in-game actions. It even can be used for music games to match background music or let players know how well they are doing in music rhythm games.

Of course, Wii Light wouldn’t work so well during the day. But in the dark of night, it would be awesome.

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