The Ultimate Field Guide For Lego Nerds

I like Lego. Do you like Lego? Bet you do. So let's all wish we could find a way to justify spending $US80 on this glorious hardcover book and... wait a minute. $US80 isn't so bad!

This is LEGO Collector – 2. Premium Edition, which is a very fancy way of saying it's a catalogue depicting every LEGO set ever released. That means there are over 9000 listings in the book, and the tome itself weighs in at over 900 pages. You even get a little commemorative minifig

Only 928 copies of the book are being printed, which considering the fairly accessible price means they'll go fairly quickly.

LEGO Collector – 2. Premium Edition – with exclusive minifigure – preorder now [The Brothers Brick]

UPDATE: Despite the original report appearing on March 31, which is not April 1, this may be an April Fools joke. A stupid, cruel April Fools joke.


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