The Week In Gaming Apps

This week our gaming apps had the rhythm of PaRappa the Rapper's creator, the controversy of illegal immigration, and the dubious honour of being the iPhone's first true World of Warcraft clone.

This week's gaming apps were all iOS-centric, but we've constantly got our eye out for important games on other mobile platforms. Considering my iPhone 4 was stolen during the break-in last weekend, there's a good chance my next gaming app will be on my Windows Phone 7.

Gravity Guy's A Fast Call - Up or Down Melding the core distinctions of two of my favourite iPhone titles - Hoggy and Canabalt - is Gravity Guy by Miniclip, which released in December and was updated last week to introduce multiplayer. More »

Is WINtA Worth Warming up to? The father of music games, PaRappa the Rapper creator Masaya Matsuura, is bringing his innovative rhythm game sense to the iPhone. Again. More »

The Latest WikiLeaks Game Isn't Just Scandalous, It's Fun TrickyLeaks is more than just another attempt to jump on the fading infamy of WikiLeaks and founder Julian Assange's troubled rise to fame. It's also a fairly fun game. More »

Rejected by Apple, Controversial Illegal Immigration Game Reborn Cuter, Cuddlier as Snuggle Truck Let's say you make a video game that involves driving illegal immigrants across protected borders, a game that's deemed "disgraceful" and in "poor taste" before it's even been released. That game, Smuggle Truck, is then submitted to the iTunes App Store. It is, unsurprisingly, rejected. What do you do? Make Snuggle Truck-swapping the "m" for an "n"-a cuter, cuddlier and less controversial game. More »

Just How World of Warcraft Is Order & Chaos Online? Gameloft has finally turned its uncanny game mimicking powers to World of Warcraft and the result is a surprisingly enjoyable iPhone MMO with a great deal of potential. More »


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