There's A Nice Lady In That Cyborg Suit

Omi Gibson is not only a talented cosplayer, she's the queen of Metal Gear cosplayers. Her latest photo set of a Cyborg Ninja prove exactly why she earns that moniker.

The outfit she wears is killer, but while it looks fantastic, Omi blogs that it was incredibly difficult to see out of the helmet - didn't get much easier when covered in fake blood, either.

Besides MGS characters, Gibson cosplays as characters from other titles, such No More Heroes and the newly released Catherine. She's a regular at gaming expos like the Tokyo Game Show and even pops up at industry events - sometimes even in costume!

Check out more pics on her blog in the link below.

追い詰められた狐は|子供はガマン、黙って寝てろ [OMI]


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    I didn't realized the picture was actually cosplay until I got into this page. I really thought someone drew that up.

    Sweet cosplay, I'd say.

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