These Drugs Were Smuggled In A Wii

These Drugs Were Smuggled In A Wii

Late last year, authorities from the US Customs and Border Protection agency released the photo here. It shows a bundle of drugs, unsuccessfully hidden inside a Nintendo Wii and intercepted in Newark, New Jersey.

The authorities haven’t been clear about just how they were tucked in there. Were the Wii’s circuits all removed? Was there any effort made to make the console appear to be functional when plugged it? Was a PlayStation 3 not available for smuggling more drugs per console?

However the Wii smuggling worked, the image here resurfaced this month in a fascinating piece in the UK’s Daily Mail. The story details many other ways drug smugglers have tried to sneak drugs, mostly into prisons.

We’re talking hand-painted black-eyed peas made out of cocaine… cardboard boxes that turn into liquid heroin… even a delivery of drugs masquerading as children’s crayon scribbles.

Never underestimate the ingenuity of criminals.

Nintendo Wiis, Mr Potato Head dolls, coffins and crayon drawings: the creative ways smugglers hide drugs

The Creative Ways Smugglers Hide Drugs [Daily Mail]


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