These New Shots From Skyrim Are No Laughing Matter

There's nothing funny at all about the latest screenshots from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, unless you count the amount of time I spent making sure no one hid penises in them.

No one is safe on April Fools' Day. We'll spend as much time today verifying our stories are true before posting them as we will actually writing them. Even screenshots, like these lovely new images from Skyrim. I can now, without a doubt, assure you that they are 100 percent penis-free. It's just part of the service.


    All of these were in the Game Informer article :(

    C'mon Bethesda, give us real junkies that buy paper mags for the game some real new stuffs!

    The first thing I thought when I saw that third picture was "neither of them are going to be able to swing their weapons in there".

    I'd actually like to see something like that in a game. Large weapons being affected by the environment, so they're not always flat-out better than a knife in direct combat simply because there are places you can't swing them.

      Mount and Blade: Warband has just such a system! Weapons hit the environment, and consequently using a two-handed axe or sword or a polearm in a corridor is very awkward.

      Plus, you know, best melee system in any game I've played, once you get past the steep learning curve required to be competitive online.

      @General Balls ...Demon's Souls had that sort of detection... I used to hate the narrow corridors since my favourite weapon was a claymore, and I couldn't swing it since it'd just bounce off the walls.

    These new screens look a lot like the screen in GI a few months ago.


    Actually, these did not ALL appear in the GI article, there's some new stuff here.

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