This Coffee Table Is A Giant Working Nintendo Controller

The original Nintendo Entertainment System controller is a thing of beauty, an exercise in simple elegance and efficiency. Apparently that's exactly what Reddit user Cybergern's friend Jocke was looking for in a coffee table, so he built this.

With only $US200 in materials and 70-100 hours of labour, Jocke transformed pieces of wood and some electronics into this gorgeous piece of art/furniture. Not only does it have plenty of built-in storage for video games from any era, it also connects up to his NES, making it perfect for players that thought the original Xbox controller was a little on the small size.

Check out the link below for more shots of this wondrous creation being built. Now if only Jocke had a giant NES coffee table to go with it.

My friend Jocke made an interesting coffee table [Reddit via HapHappy]


    Smolkowicz thats hella cool hopefully they come into production

    Someone else has already made one of these but it was a bit better with a custom glass top that you could remove to play it

    This guy built one and put the designs up ages ago. Give credit where credit is due.

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