This Commodore 64 Is A Fully Functioning Computer

Back in the UK, when I was a youngster, before SNES vs MegaDrive playground battles we had Spectrum vs Commodore. I was a Spectrum kid, but even this has me clutching my nostalgia bone - a new Commodore computer, complete with the old Commodore 64 casing, that functions as a modern computer, but runs C64 games through an emulator. It's... it's beautiful.

And it's actually a pretty powerful, flexible machine, with HDMI output, six channel high definition audio, 2GB of DDR3 memory and, of course, it looks exactly like a Commodore 64.

Commodore is keen to emphasize that while this computer has the nostalgia factor, it's actually a fully functioning PC.

Don't forget that the new Commodore 64 is a fully functional PC compatible, so you can even install and use the latest versions of Windows if you really feel you need to. We provide a beautiful graphical boot menu at start up from which Windows can be selected to run, so you needn't lose any of the functionality of the new C64's included Commodore operating systems.

Who's getting one? I'm finding it difficult to resist...

Thanks to Omi at Neogaf for the heads up.


    Oh man that's just legendary!!! DO WANT! DO WANT!




    It's a fake, doesn't even have a power port.

      It's powered by our HOPES and DREAMS.

      And you just broke it. :(

      It looks like it might use an adapter for power - there's a small round plug next to the audio ports.

        Yup, looks like it uses an external power supply which plugs in next to the audio ports.

      It is real:
      They have internal shots showing a small power jack, and will use an AC adaptor.

      Er, yes it does. Next to the sound plugs, at the end of the board I/O plate on the right. It uses a normal AC style power connection.

    Oh man, that's the best thing EVER!
    I had a C64 when I was about 4, it's what made me the gamer I am today.
    I want one, how much!?
    First stop: Wizard of Wor.

      No. Get Cobb and co.

        Please. If your first stop upon purchasing this device isn't The Last Ninja then you're clearly not the worthy of owning it.

    Product page:

    Looks like it's not shipping yet.

    The official Commodore USA product page:
    Early prototype pics showing the guts:



    If this is some left over April Fools thing Imma gonna be a sad panda.

    But it does give me an idea for my old Amiga 2000 box.


      They have new A1000, A2000 and A3000 boxes too!

      Sorry, but this news has destroyed all normal eloquence I try to exhibit.

      I know what I'm asking of Santa this year now :)

    I remember playing heaps of C64 games at a neighbours as a kid. Loved Dynamite Dux and Buggy Boy! I remember the casette tape games and LONG load times!
    Good times:)

    I must be too young, I don't have any memories regarding the C64. I must admit it's greatness though.

    Biggest question of all:

    Does it come with those awesome joysticks?

      Kempston bitches.

        OH MY GOOOOOOOO- *explodes into hair*


          Hmm, I had a problem when I clicked on your link.
          [ie: I didn't see a picture of a Starcursor. ;-) ]

          OOH LOOK, HERE'S ONE!

          Mmmm, Starcursors. "Built like the preverbial."

    But will it play my old floppy disks, cassette tapes and cartridges?

      It's not authentic unless it takes 15 minutes to load Spy VS Spy from cassette!

        Then crashes at 13 minutes and forces you to reload!!!

    Ergonomics fail.

      if you're looking at this and only see wrist-destroying aesthetics - well, you were born too late - you never experienced the summer/winter/world games franchise, you never knew Jeff Minter/Tony Crowther/Zapp64/The Bitmap Brothers.

      but that's kewl, you don't know it yet, but you're gonna feel the same way about halo in ten years...

        Wizard of Wor was my first computer game addiction. Nostalgia is best off staying in the memory.

      @Daniel, Ergonomics? not even a thought back in the day, besides it has USB connect an Acer or MS Ergo keyboard if that matters to ya,

      Nostalgia fail.

    Funny thing is, its actually perfect for hooking up to a HD, instead of a laptops screen getting in the way or your massive tower taking up precious space. All it needs is a trackball for internet surfing on your couch!

    Can't wait, so cool!!!!!!
    I wonder will there be a tape loader

    I WANT ONE!!!!! or as I would say back in the days the C64! MUM Buy me one of those!!!

    I still own 2 Commodore 64's (both working) and a C128, but this is awesome!!!!! I could host ALL my C64 software on one Memory Card, and still surf the web to view
    What more could an old School gamer want!!!!!!!

    Man not only could you play Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Graph/Text Adventure, you could watch it on the same computer!
    I cannot say it enough, I Want One!!!!


    joysticks copped many a beatings during me and my bro's c64 days

    I remember when I played the blues brothers at my cusins house. I would put a disk in and type....
    Ahhh the good old times....

    Forget Windows 7, put Linux on it and get the Linux version to match (Free).

    Definitly want one when is it getting released in Australia

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