This Guy Built A Real, Living, Breathing City

It's been, can you believe, eight years since the last true SimCity game was released. Yet time hasn't stopped people from doing amazing things with the venerable old PC game.

This is Al Aauim, a city that's been built in the game that's frightening in its realism and attention to detail. Using real Asian cities as inspiration and some mods to get the buildings and advertisements looking more appropriate, user _marsh_ has built a metropolis that's so dense and full of character every corner looks like it can tell its own story.

There's a breathtaking shot of the city below, and plenty more if the link below survives through the night.

[Al Aauim Pt. 2, via Reddit]


    That reminds me, we need a new simcity game :(

      A REAL simcity game and not a societies sequel, for sure...

      Hear hear!

      I loved SimCity.
      I'd get screwed with debt, angry taxpayers and lack of public services, and would also delete save games because I'd become the next Greece, but still loved the game dearly.

      Definitely! I would love to see another SimCity.
      On that note I would also LOVE to see another SimTower!!! Man I loved that game, could play for hours!

        There actually was a sequil to Simtower, its called Yoot tower, it can be hard to find, but its floating round out there. More of the same, but different locationa dn a lot of bug fixes

    Bring back natural disasters and Godzilla!

    There's a car crash in the bottom of that picture :S

    Had a try of CitiesXL but it wasn't the same. May have to go and dig out my old copy of Sim City 4.

    Despite me knowing I suck at SimCity games, this makes me want one.

    Rather than having only natural disasters, why not also have us have to combat street crime and serial killers, cause everything these days needs a gritty reboot right?

      And have to constantly pay for all the damage a superhero is causing to your city whilst fighting crime.

        That could be pretty nifty!

        SimCity of Heroes and Villains - you could commission heroes in a Majesty-style arrangement (or have them 'naturally' occur due to science mishaps) who battle things like giant monsters and try to prop up buildings during natural disasters - follow-on effects could involve things like insurance premiums in affected suburbs which determine how sustainable they are for residents, to media exposure affecting tourism!
        You could even secretly commission a villain or experimental dinosaur release to steer the media away from the fact that you just pulled school funding to build a casino strip in the middle of farmlands!

        Great... now I'm thinking how cool it would be to have 'zombie uprising' as a SimCity disaster and play it out a little like the levels in Atom Zombie Smasher!

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