This Guy's Fingers Are Insane

This is Dolce. He isn't an arcade gamer, he's a human sequencer. Dolce is a top beatmania IIDX player. In the past, he's either placed or won Konami's Top Ranker music game tournament. It's easy to see why.


    "He's either placed or won..."
    Well? Which is it? I need to know!
    Oh, wait. It was just poor grammar, from a professional writer. Never mind.

      Everyone with an ounce of common sense could see that it means that in the tournaments he's competed in, he has either won them or finished in the top 3.

      ...oh, wait, sorry. I didn't mean to stand in the way of you getting your sad, insignificant internet jollies, you wordsmith, you.

      Everyone thinks you're awesome now. Good work.

      Is that really the only thing you took from this article? Watch the videos, that guy is amazing

        Yeah, that way pretty lame of me, I admit. I'll cop that.
        Also, I'm on my phone and it won't load videos too well, so I can't get much else from the article, but I respect music game skills, to be honest. Spent too much time playing Dance Freaks previous

    IIDX is awesome.

    If he isn't an arcade gamer, then this isn't an arcade game, it's a way of life.

    p.s. check out players: Tairyu and EXIT.

    Along with Dolce, they are also the best at this game, there are three different ways to play this game, you'll see what I mean.

    "This Guy’s Fingers Are Insane"

    That's what she said....

    That's nothing, he should check out my minesweeper skills.

    PS wow. Must feel amazing to be him.

    wait, this brilliant show of skill is only brilliant when considering the difficulty of beating such a configuration of a song. However for this to be made a properly fair arcade game, the song would surely have been tested to be capable in to complete in all scenarios for the sake of bug-testing.

    Should this have been successfully tested, would that not make the testers themselves the greatest players? Better than any competitor yes?

      There is a fairly large population of players who can complete these difficult song configurations.
      No doubt the testers are indeed this talented.

      Getting such high scores as DOLCE or 1048, however, is a higher plateau of skill.

      On the up side, thank you Kotaku for finally speaking about a good rhythm game.

      They don't test songs...

    Look I'm pretty sure they don't test songs, this is 18th style now and way back in 3rd style (like 7 years ago) there were 14key notecharts that have still not been AAA'd or FC'd to this day.

    Konami just release really hard songs/notecharts and I'm sure the developers themselves have been stunned by the high level certain players have reached.

    Damn, that's impressive. Wonder if he'd make a badass synth-player or drum-machinist.


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