This Left 4 Dead Screen Looks Awesome On The 3DS

This Left 4 Dead Screen Looks Awesome On The 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS’ support of 3D imaging isn’t limited just to games. It also has a nifty 3D camera, and of course can display 3D-rendered images with the same effect. One Kotaku reader, who had been fooling around with 3D stereoscopic images of screen shots in the past wondered if they’d also display on the device. They do.

Reader Pat offers these 130 images, originally rendered for display on a 2D screen with the “cross-eye effect” supplying the 3D. He says they are not originally his, though he did crop them to fit the 3DS’ screen dimensions “plus a a little tweaking to really make them pop.” I’ve gone through the gallery and he’s right – some of the Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect and Left 4 Dead images really do look fantastic. Others, especially Fallout 3’s with the large weapon graphic close in the foreground, get a little blown out.

Overall, it’s a neat tech demonstration and shows the adaptability of the 3DS to other 3D media, particularly user created. You will need a memory card USB adaptor to get the pictures on board, but the process is simple and works as described in the file’s readme.

Cool 3D 3DS Pictures [MediaFire]


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