This Minecraft 'Board Game' Looks Awesome

Last month, a display at San Jose State University let visitors play Minecraft outside the confines of a computer, using little paper cubes and little paper tools.

It was called "Real World Minecraft" and was basically just a giant creative free-for-all: people could walk up and just build whatever they wanted from the tools at hand.

Interestingly, the organisers claim that upon observation people played Real World Minecraft the same way they played Minecraft. Experienced heads would dive straight underground to find rare ore, while others would try and build fancy things out of dirt. Others still would just watch bemused as it all went down.

While the installation at SJSU is now over, the exhibit survives, so if you'd like to host it at a gallery or other space near you, you can contact the team at the link below.

[Real World Minecraft, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    I wonder how the leaves stick to the trees...?

    Looks interesting though,


      They grow out of the branches!

        ^ I lol'd

        Anyway, it looks like the leaves are "pre stuck"... Look at the second last photo.

    You know I thought there was a name for Real Life Minecraft.. oh yeah, Lego.

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