This Portal 2 Cube Wizard Must Have Such A Supple Wrist

I'm fairly comfortable tossing a Weighted Pivot Cube or Companion Cube around an Aperture Science test chamber, but some Portal 2 players make cube-handling look like, well, a science.

Some liberties are taken with the physics of the recently released Portal 2, specifically a "re-portaling technique" that offers a nice little velocity boost, but in general this is just good old hand-eye coordination mixed with cleverness at work. The video creator is promising a sequel, but I suspect it'll get far more impressive with the challenge levels from the first Portal 2 DLC pack hit.

Seen via Reddit.


    GlaDos must be proud.

    Well thats a few ways of solving the puzzles i hadn't thought of.

    Incredible, but I don't think you can drag cubes through portals like that on the PC, they get stuck outside if they're not perfectly through. =/

      You couldn't in Portal 1, but in Portal 2 if you're holding onto a cube and pass through a portal, the cube stays with you regardless of whether it should have really got stuck on a wall or something. It's part of the many bits of "dumbing down"/"streamlining" in the sequel.

        "dumbing down and streamlining"
        Don't know what game you played but it certianly wasn't that, unless you were one of those people who bitched about dlc that didn't change the game at all and isn't even noticeable unless you go looking for it

        In fact none of its dumbed down, if you think so, you must not have played Portal 1 which was far easier than this one

          Are you serious? P2 was incredibly more lenient about hitting portals and placing them. There's even a moment in the dev commentary where they explain a scene where they automatically place the correct blue or orange portal for you even if you fire the wrong one!

            No, you misunderstand. They engineered the puzzle so that no matter which portal you placed, you wouldn't plummet.

    I'm wondering how he managed to do the trick of the dual portals into the ground yet somehow managing to gain falling height so effortlessly?

    This is just pointless, if it was fancy tricks possible with the unaltered original game then sure, great. This is like 'taking some liberties' with the physics in a driving game and setting fast lap times. Well done..

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