This Portal Wedding Cake Is A Triumph

Yes, we're adding to the plethora of Portal posts, with this awesome Portal wedding cake! This was first posted over at the overclockers forum when members Sahie and R31 got married. Now - feel free to make really rubbish 'the cake is a lie' jokes in the comments below!

Our Portal wedding cake [Overclockers]


    The cake is a lie!


    Epic cake, though!

    The wedding(cake) is a lie!

    The cake is a lie, but their love is true

    Egh, I think I just made myself sick with that sappy line

    They'll never get free from that Portal loop. Gravity is against them.

    I wonder what it tastes like :o

    Look at me still talking when there's food I must make.
    When I look out there it makes me GLaD I make cake.
    Cause I've experiments to run there is research to be done
    On the people who are just married

    I can imagine it now: They go to cut the cake only to have the knife poke out the opposite side without even marking the icing.

    The cake tasted deeeelicious! I'm so glad that people on the interwebz like it because a total of about five people at the wedding got it lol...but those five people sure did love it! ;)

    I am one of these people that did not get it! Portal Geeks ;) Love you Sahie

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