This Rockstar Cover Is Full Of Easter Eggs

Rockstar Games made one of 20 covers to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Esquire UK's Man At His Best series.

They made one hell of an image for it.

The cover art, according to the official Rockstar blog, is "designed to reflect the decay that exists alongside all things beautiful, definitely warrants close inspection - not only is it a little creepier than it appears at first glance, but you might see a few things you recognise from our games across the years."

Can you spot the references to Rockstar's games?

Rockstar Covers Esquire Magazine's 20th Anniversary 'Man At His Best' Issue [Rockstar Games blog]


    I can see the Statue of Liber.. err I mean Happiness, from Libery City, in the top left of the 'R'.

    I think I see a zombified hand Red Dead Undead Nightmare? There's a car wheel and one of the bees is carrying a baseball bat, both could be the GTA series.

    I see Pigsy from Manhunt

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