This Week In Games

This Week In Games

This Week In Games‘Finally. A game I’m excited about on my 3DS.’ That’s what I said when I realised that Pilotwings Resort was being released this week. Besides that, it’s a pretty poor week for new releases. Unless you’re one of those guys who still buys Dynasty Warriors games, in which case this is the BEST WEEK EVER!

Dynasty Warriors 7 What is it? It’s Dynasty Warriors. Another one. Yeah! Should you care? I just can’t believe there’s only seven of them. That can’t be right…

Michael Jackson: The Experience What is it? Hee hee! Should you care? Sha mon!

Paws and Claws: Fantastic Pets What is it? A damning example of where the games industry is heading. Should you care? Hahahahaha!

Pilotwings Resort What is it? The game that’s going to be draining my pathetic 3DS battery all week. Should you care? What else are you going to play on your 3DS?

PlayStation Move Heroes What is it? A middling attempt to use brands to sell a mediocre video game. Should you care? Nah.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior What is it? A port of a truly dreadful shooter you should avoid at all costs. Should you care? Avoid at all costs.

My 3rd Birthday What is it? A new instalment in the Parasite Eve series. Should you care? Personally? I won’t be digging out my PSP for this.

UDraw Spongebob Squiggle Pants What is it? A new UDraw game. Should you care? UDraw is cool, but I honestly have heard nothing about this game.


  • Only seven DW games hehe. I thought the same thing but that’s numbered releases not counting the spinoffs, ports and not to mention DW clones Koei make themselves disguised as new franchises.

  • “My 3rd Birthday”? I think you mean’t The 3rd Birthday.

    I picked the game up a few weeks ago as I was a big fan of the first 2 Parasite Eve games. Sadly, like most recent Squeenix games, this one suffers from an absurd plot, poor character development and sub par game mechanics.

    Just so everyone knows, the game setup is that Aya Brea (refered to as a rookie even though she was a detective in the NYPD in 1998 and later a member of an FBI special task force) has to send her spirit back in time and possess random people in order to find out why plants destroyed New York. What do you do when you get low on health? You possess a new host and leave the old one to die.

  • If anyone gets 3rd Birthday can they let us know what it’s like?
    I’ve been looking forward to it but I’m hesitant now because I’ve heard fans of the original games won’t like it.

    • Yeah, 3rd Birthday isn’t a very good game. Has nothing to do with the PE games other than you play as Aya Brea(An whiney, scared amnesiac Aya at that). It’s a fast paced third person shooter with one of the worst story premises I’ve seen for a while. See my earlier post for more details.
      A cut scene example.Yeah, Aya pretty much ALWAYS sounds like she’s about to burst in to tears.

    • I don’t mind the shooter aspect of The 3rd Birthday, but after an atrociously pervy moment in a cutscene this morning that was creepier than all the monsters combined I have decided to completely ignore the plot and concentrate on blowing things up.

  • Best Week Ever!

    Thursday Thursday gotta hack’N’slash on Thursday. Everybody’s looking forward to killing cao cao, cao cao.

    Musou’ing musou’ing (yeh)
    Musou’ing musou’ing (yeh)
    Fun fun fun fun

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  • The 3rd Birthday should already be in store, saw it last week…

    Nothing for me, though will wait for PlayStation Move Heroes to drop abit.

  • I got Pilotwings last week (hugs ozgameshop) and I’m loving it, so simple in design but it’s very nice and the 3D works really well.

  • Hmm, I found Pilotwings on the N64 to be incredibly boring. Do I dare invest in it again? Might see I can find a playable copy somewhere first. Myer in the city used to have various demo consoles set up but I haven’t been there in a while.

        • I think the part that says it was created by “City Interactive”

          Most reviews I have seen rated it at a huge 4/10 or 2/10 and I heard it is plagued with many many bugs and AI issues..

          Save your pennies for Battlefield 3

  • Finally, I can play a 3D game on my 3DS that isn’t Face Raiders. Can’t wait to get Pilotwings, I just hope somewhere has it for a bit cheap.

    Guess Kmart/Target is my best bet?

  • There are actually only really 6 Dynasty Warriors games. The first one made by Koei was for us called Dynasty Warriors 2 because our simple childlike minds being unable to grasp the the first Dynasty Warriors game (a fighting game) was not the first in the hack n’ slash series we know now.

    Call of Duty has churned out more crap games and spin off’s under the one title than the Dynasty Warriors series. 7 Games currently plus expansions and portable money grabs. I think Lu Bu has a long way to go before he can catch up with the morons that buy that crap.

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