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Portal 2. Portal 2. Portal 2. The release for Portal 2 is so exciting that even my wife asked me about it. My wife, who can't play first person shooters. She loved Portal, and in a lot of ways she's more excited than me about the release of the game. As for other games? Well there are a few, but I can't wait to finally play one of the true game of the year contenders. It's been a weak first quarter for games in 2011, things are finally about to pick up.

Forza 3 Ultimate Edition (360) What is it? Ah, so this is why a copy of this game landed on my desk this week. Must be some sort of amalgamated DLC bonanza version of Forza 3. Should you care? Forza 3 is boss, so yes. Unless you already have a copy. In which case, no.

LEGA Ninjago (DS) What is it? Some sort of LEGO DS game. Should you care? Personally, I'm very much over LEGO games in general.

AFL Live (360/PS3/PC) What is it? An aussie developed version of the sport everyone in Melbourne goes gaga for. Should you care? It's been a while since we've had a proper AFL game. I don't expect it to be awesome, but it plugs a gap.

Operation Flashpoint Red River (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Another entry into to the Flashpoint series, the more po-faced, serious shooter. Should you care? Has a solid following. Never been my thing, but doesn't mean it's bad.

Portal 2 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? OMG. Should you care? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG [head explodes] .

SOCOM Special Forces (PS3) What is it? Move enabled version of the PS3 stalwart. Should you care? This series has been slowly decreasing in relevance, sadly motion control hasn't reversed that trend.

The Conduit 2 (Wii) What is it? SEGA get a second kick and creating the definitive Wii shooter. Should you care? Ashamed to say I haven't really been keeping tabs on this...

Trainz Simulator 12 (PC) What is it? A game where an 's' is replaced with a 'z'. Should you care? When you switch out 's' for 'z', you lose a little of my respect. See Catz, Dogz for further reference.



    I’m excited. Sorry if I brokesded your browser.

    Yes, this is a copy-paste from TAY. Shut up.


    Come on people get playing those Indie games so we can get Portal 2 released ASAP...

    Me thinks it's time to dust Killing Floor off tonight..

      I think the whole "Play/buy indie games" thing was a bit of a scamola .. it's only saved 5 hours so far. I think it was always going to be released a day early plus whatever hours are saved by playing the games.

      I'm glad I got to use the word scamola.

    Here's what I read when I saw this article:

    PORTAL 2!!!
    ...and some other stuff that nobody will play anytime soon because PORTAL 2 is coming out.

    I half-expect for Valve's servers to go into meltdown from all the people downloading/activating Portal 2 on launch day...

      I'm preloading mine at the moment and I doubt I'm the only one.
      Besides, we PC gamers get to cock a snook at all those console gamers when we play the game early thanks to the potato sack. So by release date, there will likely be a fair number of PC gamers who will have already completed Portal 2.

        I've been learning to play it on the piano :D

          bah, this was meant to be a reply to The Cracks about the Still Alive song...

            Reply to one comment and it answers a different one?

            Now you're thinking with portals.

        portal 2 ps3 was released on the 14th in US, so pc isnt early

    Definitely looking forward to Portal 2...problem back catalog has grown yet again

    Portal 2 - omg omg omg omg...

    Trainz simulator 12 - Cugga cuggah, chuggah chuggah...

    I want Portal: trains simulator now...

      That would be an awesome game. I'm imagining that you would play as the train conductor and you have to place portals around the world to safely guide trains between stations.
      Momentum would be maintained between portals to make the trains move faster if needed.

    Hello again.
    I've been waiting a long time for this.
    I have a message for you.
    I have noticed your disregard of the PC as a viable gaming platform.
    Specifically the way you mention other consoles of dubious quality before mentioning the Personal Computer.
    I suppose you don't like cake either.
    Well the cake will always be waiting for you, just as the PC will always be there.
    And the LEGO games.

      I know the personal computer will always be there... I'm using it as a word processor.

      Something it was designed for... unlike games consoles, which are designed for playing games.

    If everything goes Korrectly, I'll be playing a game that Kan't appear on that list.

      Kount me in ;)

      Loving these MK spellings.

      If you try to import this unnamed game, Kustoms may katch you but it looks like a komprehensive reboot which will hopefully have a healthy online kommunity.

    *Sees own head explode through portal, from thought of portal 2

    At the time of this post, if no-one played a potato sack game until launch, the game would release sometime tomorrow evening with only 35 or so hours left.
    owever, two games are rapidly approaching their completion, which is when the count recalculates.
    Steam for the win!

    PORTAL 2!

    I'm going to get the PS3 version so I can download the free Steam version. Then I will play both at the same time, dual shock in hand and using keyboard and mouse with my feet.

    and there will be cake!

    Still Alive has been drifting through my head.

    This was a triumph.

      I'm making a note here, huge success

      I've had Still Alive stuck in my head the last few days. It isn't on my iPhone either, so I actually pulled out my laptop and started to listen to it off of that at work.


    Is the launch of Portal 2 the best marketing campain ever?

    Not only Does Valve win but Indie Devs get a leg up..

    No Portal 2 for me (wasn't really a fan of the first one but I still plan to get this one for the PS3 though) so Conduit 2 it is!

    I can wait on Portal 2.
    Haven't even started on Portal 1. >_>

      Do it now then.. Portal 1 is seriously a 2.5hr game..

      I dusted it off after not playing it since launch and finished it twice yesterday.. and I never see games to completion..

    Can someone please explain what the big bloody deal is about Portal????

    I don't get it and maybe never will.
    Yes i have played it and sorry, but it just didn't affect my trousers the way it is obviously affecting yours.

    I can champion a game as good as the next guy, but yeah, i just don't get the hype around this one.

    Although i got similarly lost during the Bioshock lovefest so maybe it's just me.

      I think you're just suffering from cake withdrawal.

      I agree. My reaction to portal was like "Yay, clever puzzles and creepy computers" but nothing struck me as BEST GAEM EVAR material. Bioshock I never even got into (though maybe that's because I found it too claustrophobic/don't like fps's)

    How do I convince my bf that portal is not a boring puzzle game?! D:

      Wait a minute, a girl gamer trying to convince her boyfriend that Portal is awesome... Dump him and find a real man!

      Hilarious turrets, a homicidal AI, robots... What's not to love?

    Wow what a bunch of dweebs!

    ...well, I'm going to jump on here and say that im happy about the operation flashpoint game being released. I can wait for Portal...

    Also, is Portal another XBLA game or a retail release this time???

      It's retail :D

    What's "Portal"?

    I KID! I KID! Pre-ordered mine from the US. My lovely, kindhearted girlfriend will get the copy and sync up my PSN and Steam account. I will then play on PC as my PS3 copy makes it way across.

    Just to be different; CONDUIT 2 Squee!!!

    It's about time the bloody thing's coming out after all the delays... now here's hoping it provides the splitscreen multiplayer entertainment that GoldenEye failed at (and had Conduit 2 delayed partly for the first time - second delay was for multiplayer and online security tweaks I think)

    Portal 2 I can wait for a price drop.. but the fresh marketing approach with the ARG and the indie game integration has been fun to watch - Toki Tori makes for an adorable potato, not to mention it's always good to get free bonus maps for Defense Grid and Killing Floor.

    EB Games' website is now reading that Portal 2 will release on Wednesday the 20th.

    Anyone know if this is true, and if JB Hifi will follow?

    I cant wait to pick up my copy of mortal kombat at my local EB

    It's really not cool to dismiss AFL as just a game only people in Melbourne care about. It is our national game. I know most people in NSW and QLD care more about league, but the rest of the country do not.

      Indeed. AFL is the sport of choice in SA and WA, there's two teams in both of those states and any attempt to set up an NRL team there would be a complete disaster.

      Then again, I'm a Queenslander that is pretty obsessed with AFL.

      I might try out the AFL game, and hopefully it is not complete rubbish. It would be cool to have a decent AFL game to battle out with friends. I remember the last one was shite because it was like, kick to a pack - *everyonespamthemarkbuttonandletsseeewhoactuallymarksit* and then repeat.

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