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As you might expect, there is a dearth of new releases this week, and what is coming out isn't really worthy of note - but that gives me the chance to slag everything. Hurray!

Darkspore (PC) What is it? Spin-off of Spore involving evil dudes and such like. Should you care? The original Spore disappointed me a little, so I'm not really too enamoured with this effort.

Final Fantasy IV Complete (PSP) What is it? (Another) Remake of the classic RPG that has been re-released into complete and utter oblivion. Can't wait for the '3D' remake. Should you care If you haven't played this game by now you never will.

Puzzle Bobble Universe (3DS) What is it? Shoot bubbles at things, make other bubbles of similar colour explode. Repeat. Should you care? I actually like Puzzle Bobble. Not sure if I need another version.

Thor (360/PS3/PC/DS/Wii) What is it? A game based on that movie starring that guy - you know the one. He was in that movie. Should you care? Please don't care about this game.


    Everybody I know who had played the Darkspore beta says its actually a really good game. In fact the only real thing it has in common with the original Spore series is the word 'spore' in its title. Perhaps it would be better to have a small grasp of what a game is actually like before you trash it pre-release?

      Agreed. I was one of the people to play it in the closed beta, and I quite liked it.
      It is more similar to a sci-fi Diablo than anything in the original Spore.

      Gotta say your right, Darkspore feels a little shallow but its a hell of a fun game. It has been a while since I put down a game and craved to jump back in for some fun.

      That being said though, I was much like Mark, totally uninterested in it, even knowing what it was, until I took some time out to try it.. So glad I did :)

      Dude he didn't trash it he just said he wasn't enamored with it.
      Which occurring to google means he Didn't have a feeling of love for it.

        Dominic has a point, he's trashing these games with a 'judging a book by it's cover' approach to them. Who knows, maybe Thor could be really good?

          Like I said before he isn't actually trashing them at all. I do agree with the book and cover thing and how you should play before rating them but these are just guides. Mark I'm guessing has done a little research on these games I'm sure.

      everyone i heard from said it wasn't worth the 50 dollar buy in, and seeing as EA has deemed to overcharge us on steam as well. has turned me off the game

      If you like the Diablo formula of killing monsters, getting experience and finding loot, then you'll enjoy Darkspore.

      As for myself, if I wanted to perform repetitive tasks I'd get a desk job and my "Score" conveys to real life money, which I can use to buy games that are actually innovative and engaging, and thus encourage the industry to experiment and try new things a bit more instead of relying on decades old formulas because people still pay money for what is essentially a treadmill with a pokie machine strapped to it.

        Well said Chris.

        I kind of feel that this is more of a Diablo or Titan Quest style game...IN SPAAAAACCCCCEEEEEEE.

        Having played the beta...I have to say that it was not tooooo shabby but it was not really my cup of tea. I would rather wait for Path of Exile or D3 to come out.

    Weak week. I'd love to say I'd spend this week reducing my Pile-of-Shame™ but I'll probably just replay Portal 2.

    Also, due to my recent discovery that a whole heap of games on Steam support 360 controllers as well as keyboards, I might investigate further and purchase some games.

    Darkspore is the sleeping giant, the game is really really good.

    think multiplayer co-op Diablo but with little pets you make in spore and develop skills through xp etc.

    I played the beta and was pleasantly surprised but the quality, polish and ease of multiplayer kick offs there was.

    - You forgot Outland for PSN and XBLA! :)

    finally a new released for final fantasy. I just love that game! I can compare it to the games that I found at gamesgadget. It also has exciting and challenging games.

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