Twitter Cracks Wise About PlayStation Network Hack

Your personal information may have been stolen from your PlayStation 3's online account by a malicious hacker. Your credit card number may have been compromised, though the people at PlayStation aren't sure.

There is a bright side to this news: now we have more hilarious jokes, specifically about the PSN hack.

Take it away, people of Twitter:

"Hey folks, they told Playstation Plus subscribers about this credit card thing last Thursday." - Bookscout

"If Sony had required firmware updates hourly instead of daily, this never would've happened." - MTV Multiplayer's Russ Frushtick

"PSN's down for a week, my credit card info might be stolen, but the most irritating thing about Sony's service is still the name 'Qriocity.'" - Casey Malone

"Upside of PSN debacle: easy to identify, block Sony defence Force." - Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis

"Mortal Kombat exclusive: Kratos. Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat exclusive: being online." -Andre Black Nerd

"Bad news gets worse. If you ever participated in [email protected], it turns out that PSN was storing your entire DNA sequence." - Insult Swordfighting's Mitch Krpta

"Funnily enough, going to @Kotaku for news on the PSN thing reminded me that I already changed my passwords when they leaked my info." - Martin Tsang (wait, we're not allowed to laugh at that one, right?)

"Sony warns that Playstation Network hacker may have taken users' personal info/credit cards while leaving their virginity intact." - Funny or Die

"I better go change my birthday." - Ars Technica reader

"Man, Kevin Butler better have a fucking gut-buster in his quiver to win me back this time." - Joystiq's Griffin McElroy

"I hope the PSN hackers do something really cool with all our money, like start a game company that provides a reliable and secure service!" - Justin Amirkhani (not sure if this one was really a joke)

"At Sony we believe in an open platform. A very open platform." - Fake Kaz Hirai

Frushtick's the winner here, yes?

For practical info about this debacle and how it may affect you, check out our PSN Hack FAQ.


    @Ruffleberg and #PSNJokes has been doing this for the past week... show some love and check out his timeline!!!

    I liked Andre Black Nerd's however I am admittedly a little more of an xbox fan than a PS fan. I think my favourite is Insult Swordfighting’s Mitch Krpta's one, just for the ridiculousness.

    Nah, I'd give the prize to Fake Kaz Hirai. Some fine work there.

    Bookscout ftw!

    You get what you paid for and well for them, the same as non-Plus subscribers.

    Andre Black Nerd's is the winner here, that or Funny or Die.

    I like the first one. PS+ is such a fucking scam. Not unlike the whole company.

    Penny-Arcade's was the best.


    does anyone no when PSN will be working again? because i would like to no when i can play online games... P.S im so bored :(

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