UK Gets To Play Duke Nukem Forever Pre-Release

For those in the UK waiting forever to check out Duke Nukem Forever, the game will be playable at this year's Gadget Show Live in Birmingham. Show runs April 12 to the 17.


    I gave Duke Nukem Forever at the Supanova festival in Melbourne last Saturday, and I must say that so far I'm unimpressed. It didn't look very good and the design wasn't so great so it made it difficult to know what you were supposed to be doing. Perhaps the final thing will be better, but yeah, wasn't impressed.

      *gave Duke Nukem Forever a go at Supanova

      my bad!

    Yeah, some early reports are all saying it's a bit crap. I guess you have to go into it thinking it's 1998 and it'll probably be alright :P

      Actually that's part of the problem - I also tried it out at Supanova and if this were 1998 we'd sure as hell be able to carry more than two guns at a time... not to mention we'd never run in to so many invisible walls or have to duck and cover like the old nuke PSAs from lack of a decent health system!

      (two-weapon systems can be done well ala Halo or Counterstrike-types, but sadly this fell into the far more contrived and far less satisfying where the guns lying on the ground tell you what you have to do [and anything else is useless for the job] and most of what the enemies drop is crap)

    Smolkowicz Lucky Bastards

    Whatever happened to the demo? Remember when games had demos? So we could try it out in the comfort of our homes?

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