UK Tabloid Reporting 3DS Backlash; Is Reality Next?

UK Tabloid Reporting 3DS Backlash; Is Reality Next?

Squawker rag The Sun says a “refund row” is hitting the UK around Nintendo’s 3DS, with “record return levels were reported after thousands suffered headaches and dizziness.” Nintendo says returns “in single figures per retailer”. [The Sun]


  • When I first booted my 3DS up and put the 3D on with SSF4, I got a headache within 10 minutes. I took a break and when I came back I could play for 20 minutes before I had to break and this kept going. Now I can play 1 – 2 hours easy without any eye strain or problems. Just takes awhile to get used to.

  • Whilst I’m interested in the 3DS I’ve yet to find one of these mythical 3DS demo units – I actually wonder if they exist.

    I live in the UK and go into town occasionally, where there’s two Game stores and a GameStation. Yet to see one in either of them.

    That being said, it may not necessarily be a bad thing – the original DS demo units were buggered within a few days with people scratching the screen to death, sticking chewing gum to it or trying to prise it out with screwdrivers. And don’t get me started on the one solitary PS3 “demo pod” I saw that was the size of a living room.

    I’d like to try it to see if I’d be able to handle the 3D (seems the Sun also forgets people can turn down the 3D effect) but can’t find one anywhere to try.

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