Update: ACT Attorney General Considering Following South Australia With R18+

Update: ACT Attorney General Considering Following South Australia With R18+

Update: ACT Attorney General Considering Following South Australia With R18+In the wake of news that the South Australian Attorney-General John Rau is considering going ahead with an R18+ rating regardless of whether there is consent at the SCAG Meeting, ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell announced, via twitter, that he was considering similar options.

In a tweet he claimed that ACT were “also considering this approach” if a national agreement was not reached at the next SCAG meeting.

More news as we get it.


  • Clearly, this means we need a national approach that understands that there is no valid reasons to treat video games differently than any other form of media.

    John Rau’s idea is based on the idea that video games are “worse” than films and on face value, it seems like he wants to just bump MA15+ games to the R18+ rating.

    That isn’t what we’ve been arguing for. That isn’t a solution we should simply accept.

    Until it has been shown that video games have a higher impact than other mediums, they should not be treated like they do.

    Unfortunately, I think this might have something to do with the argument that high impact material that should be rated R18+ has been misplaced in the MA15+ category.

  • If they do go this route then minstrels shall sing of their greatness for many years to come. Statues will be erected in halls of honor specifically built for these fine men of logic

    Yeah I might be overstating this, but come on; this is awesome news… Now only if Victoria would follow suit. Oh wait, they are in the back pocket of the ACL now, my mistake

  • Why have I got the feeling it’s going to be the WA A/G holding out. IIRC, he was the one who wanted to delay the decision last time and there’s been some media coverage in the past about some local state members being anti-R18. They may have got to him.

  • A piecemeal, state by state reform of classification would be a bit of a logistical nightmare.

    Would be a disaster for retailers, publishers, distributors, etc. Not to mention consumers and regulators who have to somehow keep R18+ out of states where it isn’t technically legal…

    So obviously a national and unified scheme would be better.

  • Great so cheap flights to the first state to sell R18+ games, I hope to meet you all there to discuss smuggling them back home past the new Video Game border check points.

    Hmm anyone know where to get a blone wig, and some good temporary chest enhancements?

    And what to disguise the games as? Fruit’s a no-no, what’s something that people could believe you don’t want everyone to know about but legally let you have. German Pr0n films! Of course it’s so obvious just smear a little shampoo on them and nobody will want to open em.

    • Surely disguising them as Britany Spears or Bieber DVD’s would get them through the VG Border checks.

      Although any grown man, might not make it past the Man Check border check points, with their man card intact.

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