UPDATE: Portal 2... What's Going On?

Earlier today the Aperture Science website began displaying a countdown. That countdown has now been updated with the following image, but what does it mean?

Regardless of what it means, this whole escapade has proven two things to me: first off, Valve has one of the most dedicated communities in gaming and, secondly, Valve knows precisely how to direct their attention.

I can't wait to see what happens next, and I haven't even pre-loaded my copy yet!


    More PR?

    Are Irish and Cynic users that have been working on the ARG? If so that would be pretty cool that they commended them, otherwise I have no idea what they're talking about.

    The last line seems to imply that we will be given some kind of task that when completed they will release portal 2.

    Better hurry Mark, Servers are going to get slammed with the 500mb TF2 Update pushing out as well..

    "Tomorrow you will be given the final test. Then it will be entirely in your hands when I am freed."

    I'm starting to think that the game isn't coming out when the countdown ends but instead the final stage of the ARG will be.

    The only problem is that I've been avoiding most of the ARG because I don't want spoilers.

    My copy has been pre-loaded, and my system is running with Steam loaded just waiting for updates... there's also the fact that Steam is being hammered at the moment due to Portal 2 hype, if I disconnect it may never reconnect!

    I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow!

    That settles it... I am definitely staying up just to see what happens at 00:00:00!

    it's updated again.
    now it's some kind of christmas video
    maybe it's hinting portal 2 is coming christmas this year?

      did you just goto www.aperturescience.com

      that's been the christmas scene for 2 years (give or take)


      Gotta go here ^^^^^

    I'm assuming they're trying to make a puzzle game seem a lot more interesting than it actually is.

      I don't understand how being a puzzle game can stop something from being interesting.

      Three of my favourite games are puzzle games: Tetris, Trauma Center and Portal.

      Tetris is interesting because it's such a simple concept that somehow manages to bring a lot of enjoyment.

      Trauma Center, well, I wrote about that over on my website.

      And Portal, well, that managed to combine a somewhat unique puzzle mechanic with some interesting and amusing writing.

      You've obviously never played Portal 1.

        or maybe not everyone likes the same things. What is this, communist russia?

          No, this is Kotaku. Not to second guess, but what gave you the impression that this was a presently-defunct communist union?

            The one flavor of soup, it's portal-2-is-good flavour, you're not allowed portal-2-is-bad flavour.

      I like puzzles... better than manga...

      Would you want everyone to be making everything more interesting all of the time? Its extra good in this case because Portal, a puzzle game, is already incredible interesting ;)

    My guess is that, as TRJN stated, the final part of the ARG will be released. I haven't been following it, but just from the potato sack games being updated and suggesting an early release, solving of the ARG will probably allow early unlock of Portal 2.

    Is this different for other countries? It's running on Australian time for me in Melbourne.

      It's not running on "Australian time"! lol

      It shows the same time remaining for everyone.

    Australian time only has 45 seconds to a minute Andrew, everybody knows that.

    As stated earlier today, my money is on a demo of some sort. But not long to find out now! Exciting!

    by the sounds of it there's some puzzle that valve want us to do, and if we successfully complete it, we get it early?

    OMG 21 minutes and the 10GB pre-load just finished!

    Hmm, it seems that Portal 2 requires CPU power to "Launch" .. Estimated time till launch .. 93 hours 56 mins.

    I think the more indie games people play, the quicker it will go?

      Oh wait .. "Help release Portal 2 early: From now until release, play any or all of games in The Potato Sack to expedite the launch of Portal 2. Your efforts will be tracked on the official [email protected] page."

    Waiting for a script that someone can run to open and close the games quickly to speed up the Portal 2 Release.

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