Want Your Name In BioShock Infinite?

When they're not making generation defining video games, or creating the best games related podcast on the web, the good folks at Irrational Games are busy running awesome competitions where the winners get to have their name in BioShock Infinite.

To be in with a sporting chance of having your moniker adorned in the world of Bioshock Infinite's Columbia, all you have to do is send in your name and address to Irrational. Apparently they won't use your email for any insidious marketing shenanigans, so you're safe on that front.

The submission period ends April 13 11.59 Eastern times, head here for more details.


    This is AWESOME Love to win

    I entered.
    I think Fistbeard McTavish should enter....

    Well that's cool and all but I got my name in the first one. Which was quite a shock.

      I'll bet Moscow, Washington and the Vatican didn't like that...

    Entered, awesome competition!

    Now give us the damn game!! I gotta find out how this has any connection to Bioshock!! :P

    Awesome competition.
    Small but frequent things like this always makes games that have far away release dates relevant and keep up my desire to buy the game on day one.

    Some of the comments have people who are boasting their epic names.
    Annoys me that some of their names are pretty cool.

    Sounds awesome. I'd love to have my name in something that I have absolutely nothing to do with.

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