READY: Watch Brendan O'Connor's Appearance At EB

Earlier today, Brendan O'Connor spoke at an EB in Adelaide, South Australia. Chris Prior was there, and recorded his appearance. He has kindly allowed us to post the video on Kotaku, in which he addresses multiple different questions on the R18+ debate.

Thanks Chris.


    Cool. Sounds like a sensible fellow who is grounded in actual reality! Not a bullshit artist like some...

    It shouldn't be up to companies & stores to decide what games people play. It should be left up to the owners of said games & if underage, their parents.

    Shit just got real. I love the ads for Duke Nukem Forever on the poll directly behind him to the right lol

    Nice footage, thanks for putting it up.

    He does try to play down the political side to the debate, but the tendency for lobby groups to marshal conservative voters, and conservative MPs, to pressure against reform can't be discounted.

    @Daniel Goddy yep love the balls of steel duke nukem pre-order behind him.

    Awesome video. I hope this finally gets through

    Im still noting how they arent saying they will raise the standards of the adult rating to allow content thats not currently available.

    Stop getting so excited cool cats, what they are looking at is raising the bar so that current content is protected by R18+ to stop children having access.

    Notice how he constantly talks about content available only to adults overseas being sold here as MA15+?

    I think its a positive step, but also that a lot of gamers have the wrong idea about what is being said and what they want.

    All I hear is a lot of spin, making the same two or three statements which basically tell us everything weve already known for years.
    And that they should do something.

    Also someone needs to get a better mic.

      Well, it is quite possible that some of this content would spill over to R18+ without any changes. For these borderline titles, the classification board usually is not unanimous, and some of the members voting MA15+ might vote R18+ if it was available.

      Finally, someone addressing this in a way the doubters/opposers will find hard to disagree with.

      The main argument should have ALWAYS been the simple line "Current MA+ games are rated R+ overseas. We have 15 year olds playing R rated products."

      Instead of "gamers want an R rating so a handful of RC games can be released."

    I do find it ironic that while Brendan o'Connor is talking about the R18+ rating, promo meterial for Duke Nukem Forever can ben seen in the background.

    I think what is funny is that immediately after the interview, he spins around and places the games on the interactive table right beside a girl who is definitely under 15 years of age...

    I'm so embarrassed to be in this country. Welcome to the nanny state. Our PM has to lie to us because we weren't mature enough before the election to cope with a carbon tax. But we're old enough to pay through the nose for that now. In other parts of the same government, we're still not old enough to play adult videogames.

    They can make stupid and rash decisions like allowing females into combat roles as a knee-jerk, but they need another 25 years to come up with a system to regulate what is already here.

    Politicians are untrushworthy fly-by-nighters. It's becoming apparent that they have too much power at their disposal. I don't care if having a handful of wankers taking a vote is somehow considered democracy. Whatever it is, it ignores the sentiments of the majority that they were supposed to represent. This is already decided. There will be an adult classification but these arseholes are wasting huge amounts of taxpayer money in exorbitant bloody salaries and fringe benefits by taking their time with the issue.

    *awaits ACL's response*

    if any, I dare them to, I wanna know how they can spin this around.

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