Watch The Lovely Ladies Of Mortal Kombat Beat Each Other Skinless

First we got an all-ninja round of Mortal Kombat tag team action, and now Netherrealm Studios gives us an all-female battle royale. It's all fun and games until the crotch skin comes off.

Which is better, Mortal Kombat ninja battles, or this video of the Mortal Kombat ladies in action? It's a trick question, really. Since many of the women in Mortal Kombat are ninja as well, this video represents the best of both worlds.

I just wish they hadn't included the embarrassing-to-watch staff-to-the-crotch shot. As a man, seeing a naked woman is often an exciting event. Seeing a woman without her skin? That's a bit too much.


    too bad its banned and ILLIGAL to get my hands on a physical copy >.< i hate the ACB!!!!![australian ratings board]

      ACB=Australian Ratings Board? Might want to check your spelling there.

      I think you mean the OFLC.

      The ACB is the Australian Cricket Board :P Although some of their decisions are just as infurating as the OFLC's.

        Oh, wait, I stand corrected - apparently it's been renamed somewhere along the line to the Classification Board. I've been calling it the OFLC all this time.

        How confusing. Oh well, at least it'll help me make much more efficient use of my ranting time. I can just rail on about the ACB and kill 2 birds with 1 stone :P

      please get your facts right
      the ACB is doing there job, and they are doing it correctly, its the GOVERNMENTS fault for not having the rating!
      it annoys me when people blame the ACB!

    It's looking importalicious!

    About as arousing as a first year anatomy textbook.

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