We Can Unlock Portal 2 Early By Playing Indie Games Together

We Can Unlock Portal 2 Early By Playing Indie Games Together

Now we know: Portal 2 will launch early – if enough people get together and play all the indie games in the “Potato Pack” on Steam.

The countdown clock ended at noon, revealing the “GLaDOS@Home distributed computational grid status page, showing what appear to be real-time stats of how many people are playing the games of the Potato Pack, as well as a projected time to unlock Portal 2, which at the time of this writing is showing just shy of 94 hours.

That’s not nearly fast enough. To the gaming PCs! Be fleet and enjoy one of the thirteen games, which include some real gems like defence Grid, Bit Trip Beat, and Super Meat Boy.


  • “Buy and play our other games and we’ll give you Portal 2 early”….. How about no Billy. If it’s ready early then be nice and put it out there early instead of making it an advertisement to buy something else. (I was going to call this blackmail, but I don’t think this situation fits the definition)

  • So, do we all need to be actually playing them all at the same time to lower the countdown? Or do we just need to own them and log onto Steam to registar that we do?

  • Uhh, assuming I don’t want to buy the potato pack (which I don’t), does it still count if I play games that are part of the pack which I bought seperately?

  • This is by far the best and most evil marketing campaign for a product (potato sack) that I have ever seen.

    They know just what gamers want – new game releases and a feeling of empowerment. And they plan to cash in on that knowledge.

  • good on em. blah blah evil marketing campaign blah blah its a good bloody strategy. they set the release date, and by helping indies we get it even earlier. whats wrong with that? if you like, you can just ignore the possibility of early release, and get a pleasant surprise when the rest of us speed it up. as for me, im going to get a potato on my profile.

  • “But Honey, I HAVE to play all these games non-stop all weekend!”

    *arms crossed* “WHY do you have to play your little games all weekend?”

    “So, uh, I can unlock another game to play”

    *steely glare of death*

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