We May Have A Whole Bunch Of Wii 2 Specs

Courtesy of IGN, we've gotten our hands on some details about "Project Cafe" (Or Wii 2, if saying the codename makes you feel silly). Apparently, they hit the motherload; IGN swears they have intel on many aspects of the new console, ranging from the hard tech to console design.

According to their report, Project Cafe will have the following:

• - GPU Wii 2's GPU will be a modified version of AMD's R700 architecture.

• - CPU The CPU will be a custom-designed triple-core version of the IBM PowerPC chipset.

• - Visuals Project Cafe will run in 1080p, and may be able to utilise Stereoscopic 3D, though it hasn't been confirmed as a feature.

• - Size & Design The console will be around the same size as the first-gen Xbox 360, and may be designed to look like a futuristic looking Super Nintendo.

• - Price Say goodbye to Nintendo having the "budget" console: Project Cafe may cost between 350 and 400 dollars.

• - Release Date Supposedly, the Cafe itself could be ready to ship from the manufacturer to retailers as soon as mid-to-late October, but in order to give developers more time with the new hardware, Nintendo may not launch the console until early 2012.



    $400 to much?! No way, $700 is what I'm used to paying for new Consoles. With proper 3rd party support this could be great! And hearing that it may look like a retro evolved SNES - now that is exciting!!! Funny thing, I was recently talking to my mates about having a next-gen Playstation looking like the original PS1, retro evolved of course.

      $400 US, probaly $700 Australian.

      That's the US price, remember. By comparison, the Wii was USD250 and AUD400 at launch.
      The AUD is obviously very strong right now but don't expect a price that low for an Australian release. I'm thinking maybe $500-$600.
      Also, I'm somewhat disappointed at the size of the new console. Nintendo consoles have actually been getting smaller ever since the NES =P

        *cough* they are still trying to charge AUD 110 for games that are USD 60 in the United States. so why would they change?

    I agree, thats a amazing price for a new console at launch. The ps3 was 999 and the 360 was 500-600.

      You'll find that that's the American price.
      They got the wii for $200 when it launched. Here in Australia we paid $400. Our dollar is now stronger than the american one and hasn't grown THAT much in that past several years. If you are from Australia, expect to pay double the american price. America gets games and consoles for half price for some reason.

      You're both wrong, theyre talking in turns of USD which would convert to AUD ~600 USD.

      That's US pricing.

      The 20GB PS3 was actually $499 USD at launch, compared to the Wii's $249 and the Xbox 360's $299 (for the Core).

      $499 is still reasonably expensive, but understandable for a powerful system.

      Australian pricing isn't really a thing that matters to any of the companies - we just got shafted with a $100 markup with the Nintendo 3DS.

      In theory:
      249 U.S. dollars = 231.778833 Australian dollars

      In reality:
      249 U.S. dollars = 349 Australian dollars

        *$399 is still reasonably expensive, but understandable for a powerful system.

    You're forgetting this is an American article, so this would be an estimate for the American Market. Expect it to retail in australia between $450-$550

    Please be true. Please Please Please Please Please be true.

    As a long time Nintendo collector (read - has multiple copies of old NES games) I am sick of these hobbled, poorly supported kiddie consoles the big N has been parading in front of us this last decade. Bring on something that can compete and don't be afraid to let developers put some good old megadeath grade A blockbuster titles out for it.
    But being the aforementioned hobbled and beaten scum between Nintendo’s toes that I am I will warily eye this with the expectation that at the last moment they will announce something that makes the system as useless as the last two.

    Maybe those aren't thumb sticks, instead you hold the controller against your head and they massage your sweating brow while you duck and weave for motion control.

    Or the console is going back to 1.5 gig Gamecube discs to curb piracy and make games tiny.

    Or there are coming out of the closet and announcing the official policy that any developer that looks like they might make a game that will outsell Zelda will be forced at gunpoint to sell there stock to Microsoft and then have Nintendo’s secret division of brainwashing ninjas force them to only make crappy remakes of their once great franchises (cough *rare* cough).

    After all it would be breaking recent tradition for them to let us get away with retaining anything more than an imitation of optimism. Come on Nintendo PROVE ME WRONG.

    350-400 USD, so whats that 800-10000 AUD?

    At the two above: That'd be 400 in the US. Given that the wii was $250 USD, we could expect it to be $600 or so in australia. Even when our dollar is worth $1.07 US...

    Doesn't that CPU match that of the Xbox 360 now? And using an oooooooold architecture for GPU probably isn't good.

    Unless they can continue to reel in non-gamers, I really doubt this new system will be more successful than their last.

    Even if it is more powerful than PS3/360, It's still a new system which means they need to build a strong install base before 2014, which I think isn't gonna happen for a couple of reasons:

    1. PS3/360 won't be that far behind in terms of technology/power; think about the time when PS3 first came out, nobody took advantage of the systems capabilities outside of 1st parties, and even then it didn't do much. So even if a developer could build top-notch games on the system, they wouldn't spend the time, because given the cost of development these days, they would rather appease an already established install base in the 360/PS3, rather than aim at some kind of exclusivity.

    2.Most people already have consoles, and with games like Mass Effect, Uncharted, Crysis 2, continuing to push limits, nobody would believe they NEED a new console, and because Kotaku has already outed most feasibly that we'll be seeing the Big Three going next-gen by 2014. I think most people will wait it out, especially since next-gen serves a more cosmetic function than one that fulfills gameplay needs.

    Basically, the way I see it, if you own a horse and someone says they bought a unicorn, I'd ask if it can fly, and if the answer is no, then I'm fine with Blackie thank you very much. At least until a Pegasus comes along.

    I hope $400 is true but it's an American article and even with our dollar so strong don't expect it to be that cheap which in itself is unfair as it should be cheaper if not the same price but as always we will be paying the premium :(

    These are US prices. Prepare for $549AUD minimum.

    Looks very different to the original wii. more like a ps3 or 360. not such a bad thing, would be nice to see a competitive 3rd offering.

    Guys, I think they mean it will be $400 in America. It would probably be twice as much down here, even though at the time of posting our dollar is worth $1.07 of Theirs.

    Why are people complaining about the Australian price? Just import one! The games (usually) come out first in US anyway and you'll continue to save money by importing games at US dollar too.

    would love to see the return of the vmu!

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