We Offer 3DS Advice To Nerds

I appeared on College Humor's Nerd Alert show yesterday in order to make the other people on the show seem funnier.

They also wanted my expertise about the 3DS, which I told them they don't need to buy now - but should plan to get someday.

Sure, we already told you that here at Kotaku, but we hadn't alerted all the nerds yet. Nor did I previously have the chance to look cooler than people who bring X-Wing toys to school and who make Magic The Gathering baseball leagues. Thank you, College Humor!

Click this thing below and it'll play a video of my appearance. Laugh with me, friends.

Nerd Alert 3DS [College Humor]


    Jesus christ editing. Is this French New Wave cinema or something?

    what the fuck is up with the editing lawl

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