We Wish This Was The Next Guild Wars 2 Character Class

ArenaNet's upcoming massively multiplayer online game Guild Wars 2 has warriors, magic-users and rogues. What's missing? Elite military commandos. For one day and one day only, that role has been filled.

Imagine playing through a SOCOM mission with your buddies and finding yourself in World of Warcraft. That's the idea behind ArenaNet's Commando class for Guild Wars 2. Heavily armed men with the resources of a large military force at their disposal, frolicking in fantasy land.

A master of the battlefield, this elite soldier is equally at home on the mean streets of Lion's Arch, in the steamy Maguuma Jungle, or on the Orrian front. The multi-role commando is a combat medic, an infiltrator, and a tank. By land, sea, or air, the commando is a technological force to be reckoned with. Come get some.

The fact that this is merely an elaborate April Fools prank makes me a little sad inside.

Check out the Guild Wars 2 Commando page for pictures, wallpapers, and to continue dreaming of a world where we can mow down feral cat warriors with heavy machine gun fire.


    If only haha. I really do love Guild Wars concept art. Those Commando ones are friggin awesome.

    Haha, they run faster with a knife out! Well played, arenanet!

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