We've Sketched The Wii 2 Controller Of Our Dreams

We haven't seen the controller for the next Nintendo console. (Nintendo hasn't sent it over to us yet. Thanks for nothing, Miyamoto!) But we've been stitching together the snippets of info we're picking up from people who do know what the controller is like. So we just had to sketch it out.

Illustrator Sam Spratt took the details we've confirmed (and our direction after holding up iPhones and tablets to Wavebird controllers) and gave it three earnest tries:

(If you're new to the Wii 2 stuff, study up here. Basically, we're talking about a screen-based controller that will supplement a Nintendo console that also still supports Wii Remote-style motion controllers.)

The WiiPad: A number of our sources and those of some other gaming outlets keep referring to the Wii 2's controller as tablet-like, dazzling people with a nice big screen (6.2 inches, we've heard). We also nailed down that the system has two analogue sticks, eight buttons and a camera. So attempt number one here filters our details through an iPad-like design, mixing traditional game controller buttons with more Apple-style flat buttons. The screen would be dazzling in this configuration, but it would be hard to hold the controller in one hand while touching the screen with the other.

The PSPwii: Attempt number two is essentially a love-child of a Nintendo Wavebird controller and a PSP. We're resting the screen between traditional twin-stick controls and keeping the controller short enough to allow players to access as many as four shoulder button. For this one, we imagine the camera is outward-facing.

The Inverted Mushroom: The problem with our second sketch is that little child hands with their short child thumbs might not be able to reach much of the screen, so, for the sake of the children, consider sketch number three. We've turned the screen to a portrait orientation. That makes the controller skinnier, though now we're worried it might be top-heavy and wobbly, like a Nintendo 64 controller with a massive rumble pack bolted to it... or like a fishing pole laden with a big catch.

These are our guesses. The tablet-style unit seems the most likely, but it's all speculation no matter how you slice it.

We expect to know what the controller really looks like as soon as E3 in June or whenever Nintendo mails us one, or when the obligatory leaked photos make their way out of some factory somewhere, whichever happens first.

Illustrations by Sam Spratt. Check out Sam's official page for more great art.


    Finally something I've wanted since I started playing games a controller with a second screen, now I can play mario kart from the bathroom and still compete!

    I reckon the first one is probably the closest to what we'll get but knowing Nintendo they'll surprise us with something we haven't even thought of yet.

    Based on rumors and dialogue, here's what i see.

    In terms of the controller, this is what i'd like to see/imagining:

    + first off, wii motion controls are out, instead, gyroscope like controls, much like PSP NGP.
    + Speakers on the control, like the wiimote.
    + Touch screen, but i doubt it will be HD and 6''.
    +The touch screen will be used as a secondary screen to show maybe health bars, ammo, maps (acting like a gps), backpack, and an easy way to change weapons for link or samus. (plus more)
    + the grip bars will be in the shape of the N64 controller, but instead of 3, there will be 2, much like the wii classic controller pro.
    +Price for controller- Well, considering that the original DS came out at $129 i would see it being less than that amount. maybe 80-110.

    In terms of the console itself, this is what i'd like to see/imagining.

    +Significantly More Powerfull than the current 360 and PS3, and probably at par with the rest of the unreleased 8-gen consoles, if not slightly less. (graphics and processing)
    + If project cafe is the actual name for it given by nintendo itself, it'll probably be the name for the online area, like 'nintendo cafe' competing with PSN and Xbox live. I hope they keep it free though.
    +Dropped Wii title.
    Wii Menu changed, but still keeping channel idea.

    Anyway the motion controls will still be used, could be a hyped up version, or the obvious backwards compatibility will still use the old wiimotes.

    If there is a screen on the controller, i doubt it will be used as a screen to show gameplay.

    Always with the assymetric analog sticks. Why?

    I do firmly believe the GameCube was the greatest ever controller, but with a screen its a terrible idea. Uneven forces applied to controller=torque=drama

    First thing, I'm a massive Nintendo fan! But I think Sony could quite easily do this with the NPG and PS3 (then continue with ps4. This would hurt nintendo's chances. I know the cost of the NPG will be heaps more..but your getting a full handheld system too, not just a shell! I have concern Nintendo (who should have put dual sticks on the 3ds, which would have put them in a more versatile position).

    gamecube pad was greatest OLD style pad ever FACT no opinion in this post....but wiimote and nunchuck is greatest ever AGAIN FACT a wii remotes mouse pointer SKATS all over a second analog stick utterly destroys it at camera and aim NO FRIGGING CONTEST wii black ops and m-prime 3 have the greatedt fps controls on console EVER destroying the auto aim auto assisted poor moving robocop like second analog stick RUBBISH found in ps3/x360 fps games FACT....resident evil 4 wii edition wii controls again SKAT on dual analog stick wipe the floor with such out dated and always DUMB twin sticks....core games need pad pick up and play BUT MOUSE PRECISION wiimote offers exactly that second analog is vastly outdated/dumb/cluncky/cumbersome/hard to learn/stupid......FACT

    right wii 2s touch screen will offer a DS like stylus control giving a kinda hybrid DS / Wii control set up touchscreen acts as tactile screen come mouse/wiimote like interface again like wiimote DESTROYING SECOND STICK and being more natural for both camera and aim FACT ...,so in core fps and 3rd person view games you can choose ether wiimote or touchscreen conbined with ether the pad/tablets analog stick or a nunchuck BOTH THESEVCPNTROLS WILL LEAVE SECOND STICK IN THE DUST (awaits 12 year old HARDLYC0RE to big up second stick like a DOUCH) how any sane human being would choose second stick over a free smooth mouse like right hand control is MORONIC DUMB BEHAVIOUR....mouse like pointers and touchscreens DESTROY second stick FACT wii pc and DS prove this as FACT

    im all for the second stick being there but il juggle between touchscreen and wii remoye for my core gaming as im a TRUE GAMER from 1080 to date not a i dustry worshoping HARDLY CORE pretending second analog stick is core WEN IT ISNT !!!!

    wii 2 fps choice analog and touchscreen mouse


    wiimote and nunchuck


    analog at back ZAPPER arcade like control


    twin sticks for the CASUALS sorry anyone putting a hardcore cap on there head playing fps with twin sticks is a IDIOT

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