What Are You Playing This (Easter) Weekend?

I had grand plans to play through the original Portal, then segue into Portal 2 seamlessly, but those plans have been thwarted by an insane canoeing/camping trip my friends have organised. Yep, the backlog grows thicker. But enough about me - what are your gaming/non-gaming plans for the Easter weekend?

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that most of you guys will be blasting through Portal 2, which is completely understandable given that it's an incredible video game.

Any other plans? If not, consider this your place to talk about how you're planning to play Portal 2!


    Five days off, woo! Buffy marathon, tf2, portal 2 and maybe some AFL watching.

    I haven't picked up Portal 2 yet, so I'll be playing a mix of Shift 2, Crysis 2 and whatever shooter my brother wants to play together this weekend. Looking forward to a nice 5 day zone out period!

    I had a few things planned. Sadly, The PSN has self destructed and Portal 2 crashes every time I try to boot if from Steam so all my plans are fucked.

    not any multiplayer ps3 games thats for sure

    Crysis 2 singleplayer, Homefront multiplayer.

    Gotta finish Portal 1 (I'm on level 19).
    More time on Meatboy and Perfect Dark maybe.

    I'm playing on ANZAC day, and learning tunes over the weekend, and I'll probably go see Thor today.

    I was going to finish Portal 2, i'm housesitting my dads, so I uploaded my save game to the PSN.. And now I can't acess it because of this server downtime.. Really pissed off

    I just finished Portal 2 singleplayer. Now I need to go and get all those cheevos :D

    Just got back from trip to UK so have only just got into Crysis 2, will playing a bit of that today. Then away at family farm for rest of break, luckily I deposited my old Gamecube and 4 controllers there at Xmas so Mario kart Double Dash and Virtua Soccer 2 with brother in laws will be happening. Thank you Jebus for giving us this long weekend full of chocolate!

    What platform is "canoe" on? Sounds like it could be interesting!

    As for myself, I'll be plodding along in Minecraft, maybe partaking in a little Trials HD Big Thrills pack. Still have Batman AA on backlog, but cant seem to want to play it!? Anyways, Happy long weekend/Chocolate Day everybody. :-D

    I'm playing the waiting game, hoping that giant bomb comes back online soon.

    Game wise: Dead space
    Prince of Persia (2008)

    Mortal Kombat.

    where there is a will there is a way ;)

    Portal 2's pretty short. Beat it, as well as the first three co-op rooms in about 10 hours. Going to go back and collect all the radios in the first Portal this weekend.


    Off to Port Stephens with gf so no gaming until Sunday night. I'll be playing Mario Galaxy, LittleBigPlanet PSP and Demon's Souls.

    Since I ordered Portal 2 from the UK, I prob won't be able to play it until later next week, or worse (and more likely), the week after :'(

    Well Mister editor and chief sir I'm planning to continue my trudge throgh Spilnter Cell Double Agent (A good game despite not being able to hear the dialog and having no tutorial to help me D=)
    also feel like revisting Just Cause 2 and as usual many hours of BC2 on PC

    I shall be finishing Portal, finishing Portal 2 co-op, wasting a few precious hours that could be spent playing Portal by going to a friend's birthday, and probably replaying Portal 2.

    Oh, and if I get time, some Demon's Souls. Although at this rate I think that I might let Buttercup take another week off, because my capture card should arrive next week and that will make things a whole lot easier for me.

      That is, if PSN ever comes back online.

    Finishing off Assassins Creed: Brotherhood on PS3.. THEN I'll be picking up Portal 2 :)

    Unlike, I think, everyone who goes to Kotaku AU, I'll probably not be playing Portal 2. For various reasons.

    Since I crave gaming, I'll have to settle for MineCraft.

    Haaaahahaha, camping.
    Like, outdoors. In wilderness. And sunlight.
    Good luck!

    I've gone back to pre-Portal 2 games now I'm done with that. Juggling between Pokemon, Shogun 2 and Yakuza 4 (Well really, just the Mahjong part).

    Happy Easter all, may your gaming long weekend be a good one!

      Portal 2, Mass Effect 2 and Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

    Just got Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PS3, so some of that, some Halo Reach, and some Borderlands. Anyone got Borderlands on Steam? Hit me up for some co-op, my user name is either Gorstrom or Ultimacija (I keep forgetting).

    Probably finish Portal 2 on PC, maybe get started in the Co-Op mode with a mate.

    I STARTED Oblivion, too... so maybe try and immerse myself in that...

    And I'll probably try beat my record marksman scores in Bad Company 2 as well :)

    Easter is for Chocolate, Portal is for Cake

    Portal 2 co-op with my wife, finishing KOTOR and Beyond Good & Evil HD... and another title I'd prefer not to name due to the nefarious methods I had to resort to in order to obtain it :(

    Well... I just got back from lunch with Jimu Hsien and his Mrs! Was a blast! Good food and good times had by all I think! :) Great way to start the long weekend! Game wise, I picked up SSX Tricky on the Gamecube last night, and I haven't played that since I had an xbox years ago, so I'll be getting in to that a little bit :) Also more time with Kinect I think! Should be a great gaming weekend!

    Gonna be playing Gears 3 beta and the timeless classic "Watch Fanboys Rage", with a special dual event "My console's better than yours because my service isn't down/Yeah well my console's better than yours because we don't have to p2p online" just in time for the long weekend.

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