What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend is write-off for me. I have a friend visiting from Scotland, which means going to every tourist destination in Sydney, one after another. So far I've been to the Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters, Bondi to Coogee walk - after taking the last couple of days off! This weekend will feature more touristing and not too much gaming. But what are you guys playing?

This week is utterly dead in terms of new releases, so it may be a good time to get kicking with the backlog. If I get a spare moment I'm going to continue with Crysis 2, which really surprised me by being my favourite shooter of the year so far.

But yeah - it's almost the weekend folks, what are your plans?


    Another weekend of the marvelous thing called homework and study...

    Luckily there is a small break inbetween to go and see suckerpunch!

      Suckerpunch is awesome!

        How many beards do you rate it?

        I'm going tomorrow.

          Are you coming with me and my merry band of miss-fits??

            I am Irish... but no.
            I live in a different state, and have my own merry band of reprobates.


      Thats a good idea. I have never played it and want to check it out. Might see if I can pick up a cheap orange box on the weekend.

    My mate came over from Scotland a few weeks ago. We went up to the three sisters and you couldn't see two freet in front of you for the fog. Hope your trip up there was better.

    This weekend I will be probably be finishing up The Tomb Raider Trilogy. Then again, I only just found out that there is a Discworld convention in Penrith and that Sir Terry himself will be there so I'll probably head over there.

      True stuff?! That'd be awesome meeting Terry Pratchett, love the Discworld series. One of the great writers of our time. Get a picture while you can, apparently the poor bastards got early-onset alseimers (soz,bad spelling lately). It sux. Just amagine forgetting the world you spent your life creating...

      Castlevania Lords of Shadow. And maybe some Super Meat Boy & Pinball FX2. Also found Thief 1, never played through the original yet - I love classic new release games!

    L4D2 on 360 as much as i can.. assuming i can find friends to play it with me?

    perhaps some more minecraft as i want a wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If I were you I'd be so jealous of Fluffles Mc[Censored]. He's the bestest doggie ever in the whole wide world. He eats people to death who try to punch him!


    I know right haha. All this Skyrim crap keeps hitting the web and it got me in the mood. I got burnt out on it way back in the day and never finished it! It's happening now!

      Me too, but I'm on my first play though.

      Kinda frustrated atm because I'm tryign to do Dark Brotherhood stuff, but I'm crpa at picking locks so kinda stuck :(

    Weekend leads into mid-semester break, whoo!

    Going to take a quick look at Far Cry 2 or Borderlands and try to finish off the main story in Pokemon White... if I mind some time between the massive number of assignments handed out to us this week :'(

    Aging some Dragons, Effecting some Mass. And maybe Crafting some Stars.

    Then I'll get bored on Saturday evening and buy something on Steam I'll regret by Tuesday.

      LMAO @ regretful steam purchases.
      I have purchased sooo many games on Steam because they are cheap and never even started them.

    Pokemon Leaf Green, need to re-catch 'em all since I lost all my saves. Probably will also play some Okamiden and try to play some AC:Brotherhood on my PC. I would be nice if I could connect to Ubisoft's servers to get my special content, but for some reason it hates that. Stupid Ubisoft.

    Two Worlds 2, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, TDU2 and Ghost Recon and SSFIV on 3DS.

    Moving into my new place so you got mowering the lawn, cleaning the house etc.

    By night if I have the energy to play, I will finish off DA2 & continue onwards with Crysis 2.

    My quest to diminish my pile of shame continues. Will have definitely knocked over Transformes WFC by tonight. Was going to do the first Kane and Lynch next, but might actually get stuck into Bully. Bit of Rockstar nostalgia before LA Noire.

    I'm gonna spin up some Red Dead Redemption! My wife was playing some with a friend and that was all it took. I couldn't last 15 minutes seeing it on over the top of my laptop before I was asking for a turn in multiplayer :P

    SSFIV 3D, Ridge Racer 3D, Motorstorm Apocalypse and maybe a GT5 endurance race.

    Probably more MvC3, NBA Jam, and maybe some Mod Nation Racing!

    Shogun 2 and Crysis 2.

    Ghost Trick, Pokémon, maybe Dragon Age: Origins.

    Pokemon Black, a little Shogun 2 is always on the cards. Slow game weekend for me, ran myself out of titles I haven't played D:

    Seeing as my PS3 is playing up and some games have horrible graphical corruptions, I'll be playing the only thing that seems to work at the moment.

    Rock Band 3

    Think I'll hit up some Warband.


    I'm already over Crysis 2 MP. 3D Dot Game Heroes froze and I lost about 2 hours of gameplay. Dragon Age 1 is boring me, as is Yakuza 3..

    Any suggestions?

    Pilotwings Resort arrived today (ozgameshop) so I'll be winging my way through that! I've given it a quick go and the 3D works really well.

    I'm quite enjoying the SOCOM 4 beta and i'll probably play some more Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth.

    Yakuza 4 for me, and maybe a little Tomb Raider Trilogy

    Duke Nukem Forever at Supanova!

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