What Are You Playing This Weekend

This weekend, alas, will most likely be utterly game free. My brother in-law, and Kotaku's web designer, Ben White has just had a baby - making him a Dad for the first time, and me an Uncle. But anyway - that's enough from me. What are you guys playing this weekend?

If I'm lucky I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze in some more 3DS time. I've started to really, really enjoy Super Street Fighter IV - after initially being wary - so I'll probably work on my mad Ken-spam skills when I get a chance.

I've also started playing Crysis 2 - ignoring my mass backlog of games I haven't gotten round to finishing yet - and I think it may just be one of my favourite games of this year so far. I enjoyed the first on PC, but the sequel just seems a bit more streamlined and approachable - that, combined with the strategic ways you can combine abilities and approach situations, has really engaged me.

It's wishful thinking, but I'd also like to get the chance to play some more WWE All Stars. It's been years since a decent wrestling game has hit consoles and WWE All Stars is truly a top wrestling game.

What about you guys? What's the plan for the weekend?


    Crysis 2(sp/mp), Blackops(mp), Shift 2(sp), GT5(mp), Killzone (mp)... Not in that specific order =)

    Hopefully Shogun 2 Total War, still no sight of it in the mail... :(

    I dunno. Maybe some Deadly Premonition and/or Faery: Legends of Avalon.

    Might even pick up another game or two in the massive XBL sale, to help tide me over until Portal 2.

    hopefully i get some time to sit down and play through Dead Space 2, been trying to get around to it for ages!
    other then that the regular cs:s to waste time!

    Either Shogun: Total War 2 or Total War 2: Shogun, haven't decided yet. All hail almighty shogunate Kemosabe Desu-ne and his glorious Hello Kitty mon.

    I’ll be playing the Darkspore beta, Dragon Age: Origins (I have been playing this almost every night for 2 weeks and still haven’t finished it), and after I’m done with both of them I’ll play some more Crysis 2.

    Darkspore flies in the face of convention. It's jarring at firsts, but the more I play it the more I enjoy it. There are some glaring feature omissions though, things that you would expect to see in EVERY game of this type that have for some reason not been included. Unfortunately, as fun as the gameplay may be, I won't be purchasing it until they fill the holes.

    I was planning to play the arrival, but I finished it immediately after downloading it....

    So I guess some Crysis2 multiplayer, maybe some killzone3 multiplayer.

    I'm trying to take my pile of shame down one notch, and will be playing Arkam Asylum.. I forgot how much I enjoyed it when I played the first hour a year ago haha

    Although there may be a technical hitch, when I got home at 11PM last night and hit the power button on my PC nothing happened.. I'm hoping this is the result of the cat frolicking around behind the entertainment unit where the power board is again but i'm betting its something more expensive than that :(

      ouch... im sure that must hurt. Hopefully its just the cats and not psu or mobo!

    Just downloaded EVE Online so i'll be stuck into that even though i should be studying.

    I will be playing my 3ds, with lego star wars and ssf iv.
    But yeah, i wish there were more games, i wish we had pilowings at launch or steel diver. DAMN YOU NINTENDO AUSTRALIA (or whoever is responsible for this delay).

    That Crisis picture is mocking me at this point! I'll be jumping into TF2 tonight. And also finishing off Portal on the 360.

    Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, Two Worlds 2 on 360, SHift 2 on PS3, SSFIV and Ghost Recon on 3DS. That is all.

    3 of the games i ordered online were delivered yesterday at the same time - RIFT, Dragon Age 2 and Killzone 3. So i'll be a vegetable all weekend playing them i guess =]


    Very fun but surprising semblance to Mass Effect 2.
    Eerily similar but both fun games.

      Resemblance isn't so surprising - they are both the cream of Bioware games.

    Another vote for Pokémon White!

    SSFIV 3D and continuing onwards with DA2 and Crysis 2.
    Was planning to play Castlevania: LoS DLC "Reverie" but as usual, the delays on the EU PSN is pretty typical.

    Tee Eff Two for me

    I'm looking forward to playing Yakuza 4 a little bit more - currently up to the second part. For something I picked up on a whim partially due to the cool preorder bonuses, I'm really having a good time with it.

    Got my 3DS, playing Street Fighter IV 3D.

    well, i'll be singing my heart out in my schools choir for our concert, so rehearsels have been taking my time up, but i will probs try and fit in some MVC3, Monday night Combat, and my friends are trying to get me to play League of legends, so i'll try that out

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