What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend will be the first time in ages I'll be able to check out some games, so I'll probably be catching up on my massive backlog. The weird thing is, however, this fills me with dread as opposed to anticipation. Weird. All I really want to do is keep playing Pilotwings Resort, and wander around Town Hall station picking up Street Pass hits.

My obsession with Street Pass has turned nasty. This morning when I changed trains I walked all the way up and down the platform, headed directly into crowds, and when a train arrived on the other platform I made sure to stand near the escalator so I could get in Street Pass contact with as many potential 3DS owners as possible.

Clearly I need help.

What about you guys? What are you guys playing this weekend, and anyone fancy wandering around aimlessly with their 3DS near Circular Quay... say around lunchtime?

Alright. I'll stop now.


    Hopefully some Shogun 2 coop campaign if my friend and I can get online at the same time.

    Otherwise probably some Neir and more Minecraft.

    Probably minecraft and go down to jb hifi to pick up pilotwings. Other than that I have a big backlog that won't get touched.

    Heading to adelaide for 4 days, so i'll be charging the PSP and DS.

    Ghost trick is high on the list for the DS, and probably some little big planet for PSP... just see what i feel like at the time lol

    I'll also try to finish reading my warhammer book on the plane in between fearing for my life and feeling nautious...

    MAn i hate flying...

      What parts of Adelaide do we need to avoid?

        One day when i travel it would be nice to hear "hey, that's great news, let's grab a beer"... rather than what would equate to a small japanese man's reaction to Godzilla's first visit...

        Avoid all the nicer parts of Adelaide... my suggestion is to hide in Elizabeth for a while.. i won't be anywhere near that hole-in-the-ground.

          Yeah, you strike me as more of a Christies Beach kind of guy.

            I wish i knew where that was so i knew if that was a good thing or not.. lol

            I know i'll be in Glenelg at some point...

            Sorry if I offended Loops.

            Would you like to meet up for a scotch?

            Also, Elizabeth?.. Salisbury?.. Christies Downs?..

    If Portal 2 is released in ~15 hours as people are predicting...

    I'll be playing that.

      +1 Me too
      Fingers crossed, Jig prepared and ready to be danced

    I'll be on Pokémon black during times of travel. With all the new tasty things I've seen on The Witcher 2, I started playing through The Witcher again last night so more of that.
    As always some Shogun 2 in the mix topped off with some Rift.

    Portal 2, if everything goes our way.

    I feel your pain! I have been carrying my 3DS everywhere that I go in the hope that when I pull it out of my pcket, the little green light is on! As for me however and games this weekend - deffinately Street Fighter and Pilot Wings on the 3DS, then maybe some Motor Storm Apocalypse on PS3. Cant wait really!

    Looks like I'm the only one not getting any streetpass encounters, i've taken my ds everywhere with streetpass on, no luck.

    Is that a time of day thing? I caught the later train in last week and saw school kids with 3DS..'s(?).. Other than that I have only seen one #DS on the train, a mid 40's(?) Lady was playing solitaire on it, so I don't know if she'd be into Street Pass.. but maybe?

    ....I don't however think wandering past school kids repeatedly or lingering near them is a good idea! You'll make headlines alright but for the wrong reasons!

    As for this weekend, If I get time i'm going back to finish Fallout NV.. I'm trying to clear backlogs before Portal 2!

    I've been taking my 3DS into gaming stores and lurking around people trying to get hits.

    I also got a streetpass on the bus the other day and spent the rest of the journey trying to find someone who looked like their Mii but couldn't spot them.

    I think I have a problem, but I am determined to beat that streetpass quest game!

    Clearly a busy day for you, Mark.

    I bought the potato sack pack from steam the other day. I may just start up Amnesia and scare the living bejeezus out of myself.

    Demon's Souls for Buttercup, as usual.

    I'll also be finishing my mystery game and trying to get an hour or so into the other mode so that I can finish that damned review.

    If Portal 2 sneaks out early, I'll be playing that as well.

    Working all weekend, but this afternoon my Fiance and I are going to see Suckerpunch and walk around aimlessly at our local Westfield to try and get some Street Pass hits. I'll hopefully also grab a copy of Pilotwings if I have enough trade bait. Other than that, I doubt I'll get much gaming time in this weekend.

    I went back to Combat Mission: Shockforce and the expansion modules this week. The game was buggy as hell at launch but plays real well now. But it's designed for a niche wargaming audience.

    Push forward with more of my replay of Dragon Age: Origins and chip away further at Fallout: New Vegas. To many quests!

    I may actually finally start Dead Rising 2. The pile of shame topic earlier this week has inspired me.

    GTA 4. Still have to finish the main story and yes I know I'm pretty behind when it comes to completing new games.

      +1 for GTAIV aswell. Played about 2/3 of main story when it was released but just stopped playing. Started a new game a few days ago determined to see the whole game through. Even if i have to keep going on dates and outings to keep the character friendships up.
      After finishing GTA San Andreas last week for the 3rd time, i spun out about how bloody good the graphics in GTAIV are.

    I'll be playing Shogun 2 in-between finishing off bayonetta and metro 2033. Who else is so into Shogun 2?
    Wow am I actually first post for once?

    Gonna be a Kinect weekend for me! Dance Central, Sonic Free Riders and Kinect Adventures!!

    Got a shoot Saturday, then jamming most of Sunday.
    But my girlfriend is deep into Street Fighter at the moment so I'll be beating her relentlessly with spamming and passing it off as skill.


    I'm playing ARMA 2
    I play it every few months, then realize the game it too hard and therefore sucks and uninstall it in a fit of gamer rage. Then a few months later I think "gee,that ARMA 2 was alright" and the whole thing starts again.

    Probably very little, I'm going off to get shot repeatably by small paint filled pellets, and then getting inebriated.

    So probably Starcraft 2, which I seem to say every week I post on this.

    I would have thought being in Sydney for the week would result in heaps of streetpass hits, but after walking around every day, I only got 3 hits :P

    This weekend I will be playing Pilotwings and maybe starting Uncharted for the first time :D lol

    I'm going to the Hunter Valley this weekend, but before and after I'll be trying to finish my solo campaign in Halo Reach. It's my first genuine stab at a first-person shooter and I'm loving it :)

      I'd recommend looking for the stories (or preferably playing, even) for the other Halo games, as the whole saga is generally well written. That, and some of the stuff in Reach only makes sense if you know other parts of the story.

        Agree with Cracks. Everyone talks about Halo for MP but I'm one of those SP Halo fans - a great universe has been constructed. I'd also try to get your hands on Halo Wars if you desperately need something to play.

          Halo SP story is brilliant.

          That and Red Vs Blue is why I play Halo games.

            Apparently Karen Traviss is picking up the Halo novels from where Nylund left off. Awesome!

    Yakuza 4. Gradually getting through the backlog. Assassins creed brohood finally cleared last night. Still got castlevania, gow3 and nier to go :( oh and mass effect 2 ps3. Fml

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