What Will You Find Inside Pokémon Black And White's Secret Egg?

In the Pokémon Black and White cartoon, Ash will soon find himself the proud owner of a mysterious Pokémon egg. From April 27 through May 31, fans can snag their own Secret Egg from Toys 'R' Us and play along.

Pokémon players are used to visiting retail stores to acquire special new Pokémon, but this is something new. Once fans acquire their Secret Egg from a convenient Toys 'R' Us location they'll need to care for it, just like Ash, until it hatches into one of three playable Pokémon, ready to be trained and forced into battle after battle, desperate for the sweet release of death.


    Anywhere in Australia offering pokie man eggs?

      As far as I know this promotion is only for North America.

    A glance at Ash's page on bulbapedia will tell you exactly what he gets as the episodes pertaining the egg have already aired in Japan.

    You'd think they'd make them rare pokemon or something. I see an Axew there. Wonder if they're shiny...


    Nothing that you can't already get in the game. Pidove and Axew are completely standard. Pansage comes with Bullet Seed which is an egg move.

    No shininess, no DW abilities, no exclusive moves, no unique trainer ID (since you hatch the egg), no hold item.

    nothing of great significance with the eggs, japan had it over wifi late last year and they are randomly given to you (the pokemon mentioned in the serebii link)

    I thought this was Ash's Scraggy? Or is that later?

    Thats a wi-fi event and comes with a Unique ID and an excellent nature =)


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