What Would Make EyePet Better? Two EyePets Licking Each Other

What Would Make EyePet Better? Two EyePets Licking Each Other

What do you do when you get tired of playing with your new pet? You buy it a friend! Sony takes this fundamental pet handling tip to heart in the sequel to its PlayStation Move powered virtual pet, EyePet & Friends.

The EyePet was a charming little fuzzball that harnessed the power of augmented reality, appearing on your dirty carpet to play with your dirty children. It was a fun enough game, but it lacked any sort of socialisation. Sony fixes that later this year in EyePet & Friends.

Now instead of taking turns playing with one pet, two players armed with PlayStation Move controllers can raise pets together on the same dirty carpet! Raise the two pets separately, or start off with a pair – EyePets born together form stronger bonds.

Assistant producer Shaun Wharton calls this ” a ground-up re-design that retains the very best of the original EyePet”. Players will be able to connect to the new EyePet online community, swapping their creations and tips on how to raise their mutant monkeys, while playing with the EyePet earns EyePet Tokens that can be used to purchase special items in the Pet Store.

EyePet & Friends will be out later this year for the PlayStation 3. Hopefully between now and then they’ll take into consideration my name suggestion, EyePet 2: This Time There’s 2 EyePets.

Seriously, buy a vacuum cleaner.

EyePet is back! And this time he’s got company… [PlayStation Blog]


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